Chapter One Hundred Thirty Six

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When the couple discovered that Anora was pregnant, Charlie thought for sure that Anora would take it as a reason to lighten up her workload and actually remain resting in bed. He didn't expect her to stay in bed all day, but he did expect her to relax more. However, Anora had no intentions of slowing down. Despite the nausea and sometimes vomiting in the morning, by early afternoon she was back to her regular routine, which puzzled many members of the sanctuary including the dragons.

It was remarkable to see that it seemed Roscoe and Norberta were well aware that Anora was pregnant. Roscoe didn't dare play rough with her, instead all of his actions were gentle and he listened to her obediently. Norberta remained calm around her, no baring of her teeth or whipping her tail in Anora's direction. It settled Charlie's nerves a bit but he still wanted Anora to be incredibly careful.

Anora didn't seem pregnancy as a reason to put what she wanted to do on pause. She wasn't even showing a baby bump, so she didn't see how it was harmful to remain active. She figured it would probably be better if she remained active. The fresh air helped with morning sickness and she definitely didn't want to put on any extra baby weight, because it would mean more work for her once she gave birth to their child.

Charlie's job on top of trying to keep Anora somewhat still, also got harder as he had to try food that Anora would eat. The majority of the food that they were used to eating either made Anora vomit or nauseous just by the smell. He had tried everything from salads, fish, different types of pasta dishes, even Sebastian and Magnus showed up with meals, but Anora didn't want any of them. Or at least the child growing inside of her didn't want any of it.

"Your child is going to be one tough food critic at this rate." Sebastian told him one evening after Anora left a full plate of food on the table and went to bed without eating.

"I don't know what to do." Charlie frowned. He was getting worried that Anora and his unborn child were not getting the nutrients they needed because Anora wasn't eating much.

But it seemed the answer was given to Charlie one day as he cooked a steak as a last resort for Anora. Unfortunately, the piece of meat was a tough cut, and he was sure that Anora wasn't going to like it, but the soon to be father was desperate.

He had placed the meat accompanied with some potatoes on Anora's plate and left her to eat as he turned around to feed Iggy.

It wasn't but a few minutes later that Anora had finished the plate of steak.

He thought that she had eaten so quickly because she was probably half starved after not eating much, but it turned out any red meat in the household was eaten quickly by the woman. Her cravings weren't ice cream, pickles, spicy foods or anything sweet, Anora just wanted meat and if no one else but Charlie noticed, she liked her meat rare.

Charlie was beginning to think Anora was actually going to carry a dragon to full term.

One evening, Charlie was asked to do a quick night round, which involved walking through the sanctuary at night to make sure all the dragons were settled. It wasn't the funnest of jobs as most dragons were irritated by lights disrupting their sleeping. It had taken him a good while to make his rounds since he refused to apparate. 

Finally, when he returned home, he returned to a quiet house. He walked in and found the majority of the lights off with the exception of the kitchen light. He slipped off his boots and headed for the bedroom. He poked his head in and found Anora sound asleep in bed with Iggy asleep on her stomach, purring gently.

"She sleeps...finally." Charlie chuckled softly to himself. He crawled onto the bed, careful to not wake the two especially Anora, he wanted her above all to remain asleep and rest. He laid down beside her and ran his finger through her hair as she continued to sleep peacefully.

With Magnus giving them the good to go home for Christmas, Charlie was nervous and excited at the same time. Nervous about how Anora's parents were going to react especially her father, since Anora was the man's pride and joy, but he was excited because he knew how his family was going to react. He knew his mother would probably cry and squeeze the life out of the two of them out of pure joy. So he was looking forward to telling his family. He just hoped no one would faint from the news that time around.

He had closed his eyes after resting his head on his pillow, preparing to fall asleep. He was about to lay his arm across Anora's chest to snuggle her but as soon as his arm was fully down, he heard a growling noise.

He looked up quickly, thinking it was Iggy but Iggy was still purring and asleep.

He looked to Anora.

"Did you really just growl at me!?"

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