Party Time

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I was ready in just under half an hour. The before and after transformation was pretty impressive, even I had to say so myself. I'd changed out of my pink pyjamas and wearing a red dress with a scoop neck and long sleeves.

My legs were bare and I had to take a moment to gaze at them. They weren't covered in bruises or cuts for the first time in years however if you looked closely, you could still see the scars. I wore nude heels on my feet and was happy with my entire outfit choice.

My hair was pulled down from the messy bun I had it in and was now curled to perfection, framing my face prettily. I wore dark smokey makeup with a nude lip and even surprised myself as I glanced in the mirror.

The last few weeks consisted of me makeup free, with dirty hair and lying around in jogging bottoms. So this was definitely a change, I barely recognised myself.

Ivory grinned at me from behind as she noticed I was now fully ready to part-ay.

"You look hot" she whistled lowly and I chuckled at her. The door opened and Trish walked in, her blonde curls bouncing on her shoulders. She wore a bright pink sparkly dress with sky high heels, a outfit perfect for her. She squealed when she laid eyes on me, pulling me into a tight hug.

"You look amazing!" she said before giving Ivory a hug too. I chuckled back at her, examining the brightness of her dress.

"You look great too, that dress is pretty sensitive to the eyes though" I joked and Trish beamed back at me, winking.

"Just the way I like it."


The music was blaring loudly and I grimaced a little walking over to the speakers to tone it down a little. Within minutes the living room and hallway were packed with people I recognised and some I didn't. I hadn't seen Jake yet and kept peering over crowds of people to try and spot him.

I sighed not catching a glimpse of him and walked back up to Ivory and Trish who were talking to another girl from college. I joined them, handing Ivory a drink I'd picked up for her.

"Thanks babe" Ivory grinned knocking the drink back easily.

"Hey, hey! Go easy" I chuckled shaking my head at her. I took a sip of my own drink and looked around distractedly. The place was packed full of people and there was still no sign of Jake or even Tobias for that matter. I shrugged it off and instead let myself be dragged by Trish towards the circle of people dancing. Ivory followed us giggling and throwing her arms around everywhere. She was the heart and soul of every party and knew it as she thrashed her arms around to the music, swaying her hips.

"Dance Em!" Trish demanded bouncing up and down as the beat blared from the speakers. I held my drink tightly before finally letting loose, my hips swaying to the music. I closed my eyes and lost myself into the drowning sound of people laughing, chatting and dancing.

Within seconds I was beaming from ear to ear as a sense of freedom washed over my body. I was having fun and it felt amazing. Any painful memories were pushed right to the back of my mind and I instead focused on having a good time with my girlfriends.

The song ended and I groaned loudly, opening my eyes to see Trish and Ivory equally as dissapointed. We wondered over to the table in the far corner that was covered with party food.

"Food!" Ivory yelled loudly, charging towards the table with her hands outstretched. I burst out laughing, shaking my head at her tipsy state.

"Hey Ivory, who's your friend?"

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