Chapter 28

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(Gemini POV)

After That Day... Its Been 4 Years Since Me And Tay Have Talked... Here And There But Never Like We Used To... After Graduation We Went Our Separate Ways...

"What That Pretty Girlfriend Of Yours Cooking For Us Today?" JJ Asked.

Yup JJ Is Still Here... More Mature But Same Ole Love Being At My House JJ... He Needs A Girlfriend And He Need One Badly...

"Babe Tell JJ Go Home" Janiq [John-Ique] Said.

Janiq Is My Current Girlfriend She Ain't Tay But She'll Do. I Meet Her While Getting My Body Inked At One Of JJs Shops... She Inked Up My Body And Agreed To Ink Up The Rest At The My Crib And Lets Just Say We Hit It Off...

Anyways I Left College And Went Straight For The Money... I Made A Name On Top Of The Name I Already Had I Brought Properties And Made My Own Businesses... Successful Ones To... I'm Known Around As Gem Not Just Cause My Name Gemini And Gem Is Short, But Gem As In Jewels Cause All I Have Is Jewels... My Thoughts Are Jewels... My Money, Cars, Goals, My House... Im Gem I Was Born Made Of Gems You Know It...

"I've Been Trying To For Years" I Said.

"Yup And He Is Telling The Truth... So Where The Food At?" JJ Asked Her.

"Dont Get Kicked In The Throat" She Said As She Walked Into The Kitchen.

"Talk To My Cousin Lately?" JJ Came Out Of The Blue And Asked.

"Not Lately Honestly... But I Think Last Week Tuesday" I Said. "Why? She Good?" I Asked.

"Call Me A Bad Cousin If You Want But I Don't Know... She Went Totally Ghost" He Said.

"I'm Sure She Good... You Know How Over Protective That Nigga Of Hers Is" I Said.

"Ehhh I Guest" JJ Said. "She Know About Tay?" He Asked.

"She About The Situation About Her But She Dont Know That Its Tay" I Said.

Janiq Knows About My Pass With Tay But She Doesn't Know Tay... I Had To Be Honest When We Were Starting Off She Was Honest With Me And I Was Honest With Her...

"What Yall Want For Dinner?" She Came Back Out And Asked Us As She Wrapped Her Apron Around Her Waist.

"Surprise Me..." I Said.

"Surprise Me To With Anything With Broccoli" JJ Said.

"Whatever JJ" Janiq Said.


"Once Again I Enjoyed Dinner" JJ Said. "Janiq You Are A Great Cook... Thank You" He Said.

"Your Welcome Anytime JJ" She Told Him.

"Don't Tell Him That Now He's Never Gonna Stay Away" I Said.

"Gemini You Stole My Cook So Dont Complain" JJ Said.

"Whatever JJ" I Said.

"Now If Your Girl... Janiq Would Just Hook Me Up With One Of Her Friends I Would've Hadda A Cook And Someone To Keep Me Away From Here Cause She Wouldn't Be Able To Get Enough Of The J Man" JJ Said.

"I Got You" Janiq Said.

"And I'll Hold You To That" JJ Said. "Now Bye Gemini" He Said And Before I Knew It He Kissed Me On My Forehead.

I Swear I Think He Gay Sometimes...

I Pushed Him Away And Told Him... "Now JJ You Know I Ain't With That Gay Shit"...

"Its Not Gay Its Our Bromance" He Said. "Don't Act Like This Is New" He Added.

"Get Out And Go Home JJ" I Said.

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