chapter 20

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Harry's POV

"I miss you, Harry."

Tamara had said that maybe three thousand times in just this one phonecall, but I guessed she wanted to make sure I knew she meant it. I wanted her to know that I missed her too, more than anything in the world. I was far away, hundreds and thousands of miles from her and my baby, and I hated it. The only thing that consoled me was hearing her voice on the other end of the line; the most perfect sound in the universe.

"Miss you too, Tamara. I'll be back before you know it."

"I hope so. Baby misses you. I'm getting all sorts of cravings, it's almost hilarious. Chocolate is the main one..."

"I'll bring you back some, then," I said with a smile, watching the hubbub around me; the crew moving pieces of the stage set around, setting up the sound board, the technical parts of the show, as well as the band setting up their instruments. Louis, Liam and Niall were a few steps behind me, chatting and just taking a general look around tonight's venue as I sat on the edge of the stage, legs swinging over the edge, deciding this was the perfect opportunity to catch up with my beautiful girl back at home.

"I love you, Harry." Her voice was small and tired, almost sleepy, like she'd only woken up. It made me smile, and my heart ached with love for her. It was an ache because I missed her, because I wanted her right here in my arms and instead she was back there, by herself in her empty apartment.

"I love you too, babe. Hey, did you ever get talking to Danielle? Or Eleanor?"

She sighed tiredly at my prompts. I'd been trying desperately to get her to meet up with the other girlfriends for a nice little shopping trip or some kind of playdate; she never got out. Tammy didn't have many friends; she had a bit of a trust issue, as I had seen firsthand. She found it hard to let people in after being betrayed so many times, and the majority of the friends she did have were back in the US. She needed somebody now, more than ever - she couldn't sit cooped up by herself for the entire four weeks I'd be away. A week had passed already, and she seemed to have spent it in bed. It couldn't be healthy.

"I have, we're going for lunch on Tuesday, the three of us. Do they know about the baby?"

"Lou and Li said yes, they know. They'll be fine with it. You need to get out, see someone, and you can trust them, they're not gonna say anything or it'll land them in hot water."

"Right," she breathed, and I got the impression she was thinking my words over, judging whether or not she could truly put her faith in these girls.

"Harry!" I heard from behind me, and I peered over my shoulder, juggling my phone at my ear. It was Liam, and I noticed Zayn had appeared. The four of them were fitting their earpieces. "Soundcheck!"

My stomach dropped with disappointment at his simple word, though I hid it. "Oh right, yeah. Just a minute." I put the phone back to my ear, my mood drooping already at the thought of hanging up on my beautiful girlfriend. "I have to go, baby, I love you, and our little one. I love you both..."

I said my goodbyes sadly, my heart cracking at the sound of her saddened tone. I lifted myself from the floor, striding over to collect my earpiece before I began fitting it, staring into space idly as I dreamed of my beautiful girls at home, my healthy baby...

Boy, I commanded myself. My little boy.

"Was that Tamara?" Louis questioned non-commitally, shuffling on the spot as he gripped his microphone, "Eleanor says they're meeting up, and Danielle."

Liam included himself at the sound of his girlfriend's name, and seemed to be completely in the know. "Oh yeah, for lunch? Nice, isn't it? The girls making friends!" He smiled happily, his eyes squinting, and it made my lips tug up. God, Liam was one of a kind, that was for sure. He could make a puppy look about as cute as a petrol bomb with that face.

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