Kyung jumped to his feet and waved the both of us into the living room. "So Zico, a bunch of our friends in various other groups have asked if they can snatch some of our power for a little while."

"I don't see why not... Isn't that really inconvenient though?" I murmured uncertainly. Kyung shrugged and I smirked before yawning with a frown. "I mean, our generator doesn't even have enough power to run for much longer."

"True, but we are the only apartment with power in all of Gangnam right now," Jaehyo-Hyung pointed out with a frown. "We can spare some right?"

Minhyuk-Hyung whacked him lightly on the back of the head. "If we do that then no apartment in Gangnam will have power."

"Fair enough, but who wanted to come for power anyway?" I asked Kyung curiously.

"Just some girls of our generation," he joked with a smirk. "Anyway, good riddance to them. The older generation of them is pretty annoying." I nodded in agreement, shuddering when I remembered the Christmas party from the previous year.

"So let's humbly decline their request to mooch off of our power," I told Kyung with a chuckle, receiving a nod from him. I glanced to my right and saw Hyorin being pestered by P.O and Taeil. U-Kwon was bravely fending them off and I almost burst into laughter as he faked slugging Taeil-Hyung in the jaw.

Minhyuk-Hyung immediately rushed over and tackled him to the ground and Jaehyo-Hyung burst into laughter. "Hey, why are you all ganging up on U-Kwon?!" I yelled accusingly as P.O and Taeil attacked him as well. Kyung and I exchanged expressions as Jaehyo-Hyung joined the pile as well.

"What will Hyorin think?" Kyung whispered to me with an amused smile. I shook my head with a roll of my eyes and then ran and jumped over the pile before landing on the couch with a grin. Hyorin chuckled and then sat down beside me. Park Kyung slowly walked around the pile and seated himself on Hyorin's other side as we watched the five boys rolling around in a fighting ball on the ground.

"I'm at the bottom and this hurts!" U-Kwon complained before being swallowed up in the throng of people. P.O was laughing hysterically and then detached himself from the ball before crashing down in the armchair to my left.

Taeil-Hyung helped U-Kwon to his feet and Jaehyo-Hyung and Minhyuk-Hyung eventually broke apart and stared at each other before bursting into laughter. I noticed Hyorin giggled violently on my right and stared at her curiously before noticing U-Kwon's hair and stifling my laughter.

"What?" he asked innocently as the rest of the members all burst into hysterical laughter. His normally perfectly spiked up hair was flattened on top and sticking out at various angels and I swallowed hard with an amused smile. "Yah, tell me!"

Hyorin burst into laughter and we all stared at her in surprise before she stood and fixed U-Kwon's hair with an amused smile. "Much better," she commented with a chuckle. "Anyway, I should probably get to sleep..."

"Why's that?" Jaehyo-Hyung asked her, cocking his head to one side with a frown.

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