Chapter 8-9 √

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Seth made me give him a kiss again since you know he blackmailing me and all.

"Hey Millie Josh told me when your done sucking playboys face to call him" Brandi said really happy.

" Brandi you ok ?"

"Oh my god Mill I can't I hide this your my best friend and I have to tell you ....JOSH ASK ME OUT" I fake smile and nod to her seeing how happy she is.

" Look we should get going the shows going to start" I said while pulling bradi to the back stage.

" But ain't you going to call Joshie" I nod to her that he was in the front row talking with seth . They both shook hands and did there hand shake. What are they up to. Hummm

I walk to the back and Stephan our photographer said we had to be perfect like aways. I smiled when I saw he had my wings.

I Told him to get me my white wings and put black and red herts on it like we do on valentines day. Then to get me a gold bow an arrow . He came up to me and started helping me with my wings. My red bra that has black hearts made my chest a bit bigger then they should be but hey . I just hope not a lot of guys come to the grand opening of swan mall. My red panties were at the tip of my waist and prabaly ready to fall . Last time we did wordrobe rehearsals it fit perfectly now it's probaly ready to fall any minute.

" I need a cupecake " I yelled. After two secents there were five people around me with a cupcake but one person cough my eyes .

" Hey princess what are you doing here" I ask Jasmin while I picked her up.

" I'm here to give you a cupecake " She said looking at me with her gray eyes. How I wish I had her eyes then I wouldn't have to hide my secrets that started with my blue eyes.

I kissed her forehead and gently dropped her down.

" Go with Josh and Seth ok" she nodded and then went to them. Josh picked jazz up and sat her on his lap. I went to eating my cupcake again.

I walk to the line I was going to be the last one. Ace walked over to me and hugged me.

" Look me and the models are sorry if we were ever horrible but we think that you telling the world your secret is amazing " Ace said and walked back to line. She had a purple bra with a black cape and purple wings with fang in her teeth.

Truth is I was going to start the show { Abscessed Love Murder} this next week and when we do the photo shoot then the interval I'm going to tell the world who I am .

You see the world see's me as Skyler Evans and so they think I'm fat .When I became Millie I know I wouldn't be able to go to a good school even with money since they wouldn't want a VS model attending their school.

So I said I was with my brother Taylor and that's why I was never in any of the pictures as Millie with my family .

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