chapter 9

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I woke gradually, blinking against the blinding light streaming through my bedroom window. It was bright and pale outside, and I could just about make out the snow covered rooves of my neighbours. I glanced down at the beautiful sleeping girl in my arms; she looked so flawlessly innocent, her lips whispering silent murmurs in her sleep, her body nestling snugly into mine as we spooned. I smiled, remembering the night before - minus all the grief and harassment she'd suffered - and how we'd...we'd...

It was strange for me; the phrase that came to mind was made love. But friends didn't make love. It was called fuck buddies for a reason, right? Because they fuck. To make love, you would have to be in love...right?

As I pondered the meaning of my thoughts, Tamara stirred slightly in my arms, her hair tickling my nose. I grinned, pressing my lips to the bare skin of her shoulder, running kisses along every inch of the top of her revealed back.

"Morning, sleepyhead," I muttered, nuzzling my nose into her hair, "Did you have a good sleep?"

She nodded groggily, pulling my arm tighter around her frail frame. "It's Christmas, Harry...."

Her tone indicated she'd only just gained enough consciousness to realise this, but as she repeated it again, she became louder, more animated, resembling an excited child, and I had to chuckle. "It is, baby...are you excited?"

She smiled sweetly, her eyes now wide open and aware. "'s just that, I've never had a big family Christmas before. I'm usually on my own."

My lips curled down slightly, feeling sorry for her. "Well, this year is different. This year, you've got me and it's going to be your best Christmas ever!"

With each word, I attacked her shoulders and neck with wet little kisses, making her squirm and giggle in my arms. I laughed along with her, finding she was suddenly rolled over to face me, her lips desperately close and my own fully ready to receive them. She batted her eyelids at me, looking undeniably adorable.

"We should get up and go downstairs," she murmured, "your family are probably expecting us. It's late-ish..."

I shook my head in denial, groaning as I tucked my head under her chin, curling into a ball in her arms. "I don't want to get up. I don't want you to put clothes on!"

She chuckled, her fingers twirling in my hair absentmindedly. "Well, I'd rather you not dress either but it's generally socially unacceptable to stroll around naked."

"Doesn't stop me," I protested, making her laugh, a light, heavenly giggle that made my tummy tingle inexplicably.

She sighed heavily all of a sudden, pulling the duvet around herself as she heaved her body up onto her knees on the mattress, towering over my sprawled out frame. She wrapped the quilts under her arms, teasingly concealing her modesty, her buxom breasts. She stared down at me, biting her lip appealingly.

"You little tease," I growled, laughing as she shrugged nonchalantly, playing innocent while letting the covers slip down her arms, revealing herself in a sultry style, contradicting her pure actions.

"I'm not the tease here, Harold," she beamed, giving me the elevator eyes down to where the sheets covered my manhood, eyeing up the line of my V muscles greedily. "I'm just yearning for you to get Little Harry out to meet me..."

I smirked evilly. "Little Harry? You mean Big Harry, right? Massive Harry? Huge Harry? Enormous-colossal-gigantic-Harry-that'll-leave-you-aching-for-a-week-after?"

She waggled her eyebrows comically, making me snigger. She winked cheekily, jerking away from me unexpectedly, whipping the covers off my frame from top to bottom so the coldness of the outside world hit me with a force. The sudden rush of icy air around my package made me gasp, jumping up instinctively to claim back some of the blanket she'd stolen.

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