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Harry's POV

I watched her as she moved through the club, every curve of her body highlighted by the tight material of her body-con dress, tempting every man she passed. She was made up to perfection, her golden blonde hair neatly curled, her skin an olive tint that looked so natural I couldn't tell if it was fake or not. She bit her lip as she approached the bar, a simple gesture that made my stomach tighten with sudden want for this girl I'd never spoken to before.

Her name was Tamara Gold. Gold by name, reflecting the beautiful, unmistakable tone of her hair. Everybody knew her name; everyone had seen her face on the front of a dozen magazines. She was America's newest sweetheart - she had her own Disney Channel show, a perfume, clothing lines, and several hit albums. A total stereotype - pretty, blonde, with an angelic face that just oozed 'sweet and innocent' vibes. Every girl wanted to be her, every guy wanted to be with her and every parent wished she was their daughter. Her image in the press was squeaky clean; she was an ambassador for the global campaign against teenage drink and drug use, she worked with UNICEF and a billion other charities, and she was the current face of America's 'No Sex Before Marriage' campaign. She was practically a saint in the eyes of the world...

I'd read all about her current situation in the tabloids - Escaped to quiet getaway in the UK in search of a peaceful break from all the press, they said, after her traumatic split from teen star Justin Bieber, she just wants to get away from it all and mend her broken heart...

I rested my gaze on her, pushing my curls out my eyes; the pumping bass of the deafening music making my emotions go crazy. I stalked across the room, keeping my eyes on her all the way for fear she'd disappear like a mirage in the desert.

"Excuse me," I shouted over the music as I reached her side, slipping my arm smoothly around her waist and pulling her into me, letting my lips hover exceptionally close to her ear. "What's a beautiful girl like you doing in a place like this?"

Her lips turned up at the corners, a sly little smile forming on her face as she purred into my ear, every word she uttered soaked in the sweet little American accent of hers, her voice slightly slurred and her breath warm with alcohol.

"Waiting for a sexy guy like you to take me home and have your wicked way with me..." She brushed her hand along my arm, causing goose bumps to rise under her touch.

I allowed an arrogant smirk to arise on my face, letting my fingertips graze her thigh. This night was about to get interesting....

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