Chapter Two - Antiques

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The pain had intensified throughout the day, burning my insides like a wildfire burned out of control. I took my medication whenever I could, ensuring they soaked all the way down into my stomach with water in order to take affect.

I had successfully allowed myself rest all day, the entire day. Hours of sleep soaking into my skin, healing my mind, body and soul.

Without the hassle of Riley urging me to eat, or Duke distracting me with his mesmerising smile, I managed to remain tucked into bed, uninterrupted, unbothered to get up until I was really ready, on my own terms.

By 8am the next morning, I woke with a sense of accomplishment. My eyes were no longer heavy or weak, my mind focused and decluttered. I felt better than I had in weeks.
My body felt similar, without pain, without exhaustion. I no longer felt as numb and I had before from the moment I had opened my eyes.

Easing myself out of bed cautiously, I stretched my new and improved muscles.
It was relieving, just as relieving as the hot water from the shower running over my bruised and battered skin.

For the day, I dressed in a shirt I had stuffed into the bottom of my bag, ordinary, black, and a pair of blue distressed jeans. I threw on a pair of plain boots and brushed my hair up into a loose bun, prepared for the day.

I was feeling confident, so I decided to make the most of my mood before it crashed down on top of me. Before I could begin my new life, I needed financial stability, this meant that I needed a job. I didn't mind where or what it was doing, as long as I was happy, as long as I was paid well enough to keep me afloat.
I grabbed my phone, keys and my wallet and left the hotel with a new goal in mind.

I made my way through the parking lot until I reached a small street. It was empty, quiet, calm. I took an inhale of the air and soaked up the freshness of it.
This was exactly what I had needed, reality, the reality I had known before I had met my supernatural life.

I glanced towards the houses and small shops beginning to open, people gradually emerging as the sun had.
I felt myself smile as I walked up the street, searching for anything that seemed prominent.

Whilst in search of a ' help wanted' sign, I had somewhere, somehow lost myself in the streets and the people around me. The homes had their windows open, their front doors propped open, comfortable and safe. Faces were friendly, happy as they smiled and greeted one another as well as the warm sun brewing over the distant view of mountains.
It seemed perfect, like something I could have only dreamt of.
If only the feeling of missing something or someone would disperse from the back of my mind.

I travelled wanderingly to the other side of the tiny town, observing shop keepers opening their stores, children beginning to make their way into school. When my eyes caught contact with theirs, they would smile and wave, even though they did not know me. It was captivating.

I couldn't help but become lost within their world, but in the back of my mind, I knew that I needed more than just a few smiles to survive.

I pushed the thought back to the front of my brain and began searching for something I would need in order to assimilate.
I had experience in restaurants and waiting, so that would be my starting point.

I made my way back towards the main strip of town, looking for signs or faces that appeared in need of help.

Within an hour, I had found two. I had confidently and honestly told them that I was new in town, and needed a job to support myself now that my parents were both dead.
At first, they would look at me with a hesitant expression. I understood their concerns. I was young, and alone, how could they possibly trust me?

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