Chapter 23

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Tris P.O.V:

NOOOO! This can't be happening! Please no! Ahhh!

Uriah P.O.V:

Oh my god! No! She can't be paired up with him! I share a look with Tris quickly before I get dragged off by Lauren. The new initiates have arrived.

Tris P.O.V:

After minutes of hesitation, we finally run up to the net and wait for the first jumper.

Abnegation, a stiff! I introduce myself and help her off the net. "What's your name?" I ask her, "You can change it if you want, but this is your last chance."
"Um, S-Steph." She stutters.
"First jumper, Steph!" I direct her and wait for the next initiate; I have a feeling she's going to do good.

Uriah P.O.V:

First jumpers a stiff, just like Tris. She'll probably be good. She might go through a lot like Tris depending on whether she's Divergent but the times have changed. Divergents are almost praised now - which is a good thing. The chances of Xaiver (and possibly Verity) being Divergent are very high because Tris and me (and I'm pretty sure Four) are Divergent.

Next to jump off is a Candor boy. He says his name is Jake and runs off to the side - I wonder what his problem is...

Tris P.O.V:

After Jake arrives, down comes an Erudite by the name of Dylan. I help him off and he winks at me, ugh. We're going to have problems with this one.

The rest of the initiates arrive and we split them up into groups. Lauren and Uriah have the Dauntless-Born and Four and I have the Transfers. The other 2 are just sometimes doctors/nurses for injured initiates or supply for us if we can't do it for some reason that day.

++Later that Day++

"Congratulations, you made it past the first part; I'm Tris." I say, before Tobias says "And I'm Four."
"Four? Like the number?" says an Erudite.
"Yes, like the number. You're an Erudite, you should know how to count." Four says making the Erudite cower. I have to admit, he's scary...

"Ok, now this is the tricky part. You're gonna wish you didn't choose Dauntless." I say just before Four says, "This is a test. We're going to test you're fighting skills against each other. Now this is going to happen 2 times throughout your initiation. You are going to fight, then we will train you and then fight for your final result. Yes, injuries will happen but this is Dauntless."

"First up, Ben and Dylan!"

Ben, a shy Candor slowly walks up to the arena while Dylan struts up, ready to fight. I have a bad feeling that Ben's going to get beat up and Dylan's not going to stop gloating/bullying him about it. As I suspected, Dylan won.

After all of the fights had finished, it was time for the winners to take on each other. Dylan vs Jake, Jake vs Steph, Steph vs Dylan, Dylan vs Jade, Jade vs Jake and Steph vs Jade.

Dylan wins his fights against Jake and Jade and Steph manages to win her fights against Jade and Jake, after a bit of hesitation. She's a nice girl. Now for the fight against Steph and Dylan. I'm secretly rooting for Steph but I'm not allowed to say so. I look at Steph then at Dylan and I'm sad to say I'm pretty sure that Dylan will win. He's obviously got a bigger build than Steph and by the looks of it, he's stronger.

Dylan pins her down and starts kicking her in the thighs. She tries to retaliate and strangle him but fails. I can't watch this anymore. I close my eyes and hear Steph screaming for help. This has to stop now.

I walk up to the arena and tell Dylan to stop but he doesn't listen. So I pin him down on the floor while he smirks and then punch him in the face. That should knock him out for at least 2 hours. I help Steph up and take her straight to the infirmary, walking past all of the shocked, bruised faces of the initiates.
Hey guys, a moderately long chapter this time! I enjoyed writing this chapter and I'm going to start writing the next one soon. I'm off school for a few more days so I have time but it might take a while because I've had 2 teeth out, I need to get 2 more out, I'm then getting my brace and I'm in and will be in a lot of pain. I'll update as soon as possible.
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