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Pen Your Pride

36th Chapter

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Chapter 36

Kiss me..

Then he kissed me, no questions asked.

And when he's kissing me.. Nah, i this is bad. The mere fact that i just asked him to kiss me because Andy is there is enough to make me feel guilty. But.. i like this, his kiss. Fvck this guilty pleasure I'm just being lustful, right?

Some good things really end. Scratch that. I'm not yet over the guy in front of me, Andrei Louie Guzman. This sucks

While we're kissing, he pulled me. Alas. He's affected

Stop this non sense!

What? Para saan pa ang tinuro mong lessons sa akin kung hindi ko naman gagamitin?

Not this way. Dana naman, seryoso ka ba sa sinasabi mo?

Do i look like i'm kidding? Of course not. I'm serious, dead serious..

Come on, Dana. We can fix this, right?

Sana naisip mo yan bago mo ako sinampal.

My God! You're not yet over with that issue?

What the fvk. So you're saying that i should forget that you slapped me and act as if everthing's cool between us? Seriously, you're insane!

Can't we just kiss and make up, Sweetheart?

Never ever call me that name again. It's disgusting

Fine. I'll talk to you when you're already your old self

I don't think it will be anytime soon.

The next thing i knew, he's gone. I hope not forever..


That's fine. You can use me.

Ano bang sinasabi mo?

I said, you can use me as long as you want. I can be your boy toy if that's what you like it to be called.

You're crazy

No, i'm not

Okay fine. I just did that to scare him..

Scare him of what?

Scare him of losing me..

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