Part 14

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From: Secret >

To: Wes>


Ha! Brave man to make a nut allergy joke when I carry around a sharp object at all times. #Epipen

July 24, 2015 at 9:57 AM


Dear Wes,

That's an awesome first kiss story. I wonder what ever happened to Cindy the booboo kisser?

If I could only watch one show it would be The Walking Dead. I've never missed an episode. It's the only show I mostly watch in real time because I don't want any of my friends at school or on social media to spoil it for me. I thought I would hate it. My boyfriend insisted we start watching and I usually get squeamish about zombies and rotting flesh, but I was hooked from the second I saw the little girl zombie. Sometimes in the middle of the season I want to scream at the writers and beg them to make something—anything happen, but then they kill off someone important and gouge out an eyeball. I've learned to appreciate the slow episodes when all of my favorite characters are alive.

What is something you would be super embarrassed for your friends to find out about you?

I chose dare (epipen ready)

Be nice,


P.S. I hope one day you volunteer the status update of Cindy Booboo. 

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