Chapter XIV- Unknown Voices

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"...Anakin..." said a mysterious cold voice. It was almost like a quiet whisper that made him shudder. It wasn't very audible, though Anakin heard it, since his name was being called. "...It's not over..."  Anakin couldn't really tell what it said secondly, though he knew the voice was eerie, and didn't seem to be spoken by Ahsoka, or anyone els that he could see—but, apparently he wasn't alone.

Ahsoka could tell something wasn't right. She didn't—and couldn't—sense anything from the Force, though by the look on Anakin's face told her something was wrong. Ahsoka was always really good at reading her master. She always seemed to know what he was thinking or feeling, just by looking at him—without even using the Force. Sure, the Force helped, though it was quite easy to read him without it. Anakin was basically an open book—even though he tries to hide his emotions—, Ahsoka never fails to realise his true feelings. He always has strong mental shields in place, but Ahsoka could normally see whatever he was hiding. Maybe it was because they were so close... or maybe because they were so alike.

"What's wrong?" Ahsoka asked, knowing that there's something uneasy, wether he senses it, feels it or sees it.

"...You may have survived that, but you will not survive this..." It was as if there was a tiny voice in the back of his mind, though that just sounded crazy. Only insane people heared things... was this place making him insane?

Though the voice was really quiet and hardly loud, it was all Anakin could focus on. He didn't register Ahsoka even talking to him.

It was something he had never experienced before. The Force guided him and told him things, though this was not the Force. Or at least the Force he was used to hearing.

The Light Side of the Force always told him when danger was near. It would give a warning so he would be protected and assess whatever danger was about to take place with caution, or avoid it all together. But, the Dark Side was different. The Dark Side would always sway him and manipulate him to tune in towards the evilness. It was a harsh, nagging sensation—and it was painful too—, but Anakin knew exactly what it was.

But the voices... He wasn't so sure what they were.

They were eerie, strange, unknown. The voices were exactly like the Force; telling him things, though it wasn't Light or Dark.

"Master, what is it?" Ahsoka tried again, though Anakin couldn't hear her. He couldn't hear anything apart from the near silent voices.

Anakin looked down at the beautiful, gold, shimmering lightsaber. "...Anakin..." The voice called as he stared upon the ancient weapon. "...Anakin...Not over...Chosen One...". Now it almost sounded taunting.

Anakin reached a hand out, oblivious towards Ahsoka's presence and her Force-signature that was deep with worry and confusion.

He could hear more noises—more voices—, as his hand slowly reached for the sabre. He was being drawn to it, through the weird, unknown voices that were possibly the Force—but a deep, undiscovered part of the Force.

The moment his hand made contact with the lightsaber, everything change. He was no longer by Ahsoka's side among the debris in the underground core of the Moraband temple.

He was now on Corusant; he could tell because of his constant Jedi awareness of time and place—that had been extremely enhanced and accurate since captured.

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