Part 13

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I know a kind of nut you won't be allergic to (Yes, I'm really that immature)

July 24, 2015 at 9:34 AM


Dear Heartbroken,

That's not the kind of swelling that was supposed to be happening in that closet. It is, however, the best make-out story I've heard in a long time. To answer your cheat questions, yes I'm in the Marines. I've been in for just over a year, but I'm home on leave since I just got back from a tour over seas.

SO now for the real dirt, her name was Cindy and she was my neighbor when I was in sixth grade. We were outside late one night playing roller hockey in the middle of the street. There were lots of kids, not just us. I had a super bad crush on her and had chosen her on my team (not first of course, that would have been obvious, I had to wait for two rounds praying she didn't get picked by the other team captain). The puck was hit and it flew down the street and bounced off a car tire, which sent it around the corner. We both went to get it and much to my horror, a tree branch in the street got wedged in the wheels of my rollerblades and sent me skidding across the pavement on my knees, elbows and then chin. It hurt so bad I had to try hard not to cry.

Cindy came to my rescue, kneeling beside me and asking if I was ok. I gathered up my courage and pretended to be teasing by saying, "I'd feel better if you kissed it." Her eyes narrowed on my bloody chin and I could see the idea of kissing my blood was disgusting to her. I was about to tell her I was teasing when she bent over and kissed my lips instead. It only lasted for a few seconds, but it was worth all the skin I'd donated to our street and the scars I still have on my knees.

I'm waiting for you to be brave enough to try a dare again. I promise you won't need your epi pen this time. I'll go with another truth.

If you could only watch one TV show for a whole year, what show would you choose?


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