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Harry's Pov

"Louis you dick, give it back!" Niall screamed as I stepped out from the hair dressing room. I grabbed Niall's arm and spun him around, kissing him on the lips.
"Hi." Niall mumbled shyly blushing.
"Hey you." I grinned kissing him again and sliding my hands down to his butt.

"Can you get something from Louis back for me?" Niall said smiling to convince me.
"Yeah, what did you need?" I asked backing up and resting my hands on his belly.
"Um, he took my vibrator that you gave me." Niall mumbled barely over a whisper.

"Ni, babe, I'll grab it." I smirked just now realizing that he had a boner. I gave him that vibrator so that if he got horny while I was on stage he'd have something to help him out.
"And, next time, just ask me to help you out ok?" I smirked as Niall whined in embarrassment.
"Ok, ok, now please. Get it." Niall said as I nodded.

I ran towards the room where Louis and Liam were staying for tonight's show and saw Louis sitting on their couch smirking when I walked in.
"Louis give it back." I warned as Louis laughed.
"You should've seen his face Haz. He looked so freaked when he couldn't find it." Louis laughed as I rolled my eyes.

"Haha. Hilarious. Give it back Louis or else I'll take it from you." I said stepping closer.
"Fine. Fine. Take it. But if he leaves it out again then I won't hesitate to take a picture and put it on Twitter." Louis laughed handing it to me.
"Whatever. Go suck Liam's dick or something." I said before leaving the room and walking to Niall and i's room.

"Oh Niall." I sang as I walked into the room and saw Niall sitting on the couch in only his boxers.
"Harry no. Come suck my dick." Niall said soundly slightly annoyed.
"Hey wait. I'm the top in the relationship. You should suck my dick." I laughed as Niall groaned.
"I don't care. Suck my dick or I'll never suck yours again." Niall warned as I rolled my eyes.
"You wouldn't do that. But, I love you so I'll help you out." I said in fake sympathy as I walked over to the couch where Niall was.

I turned first though and made sure the door was locked and then practically ran over to Niall picking him up and sitting on the couch with him in my lap.
"Harry. Please." Niall whined shifting uncomfortably on top of me.
"I know, take off your boxers." I said kissing Niall softly.
Niall stood up and took off his boxers quickly standing expectantly waiting for me to say or do something.

I laid down on the couch and slipped off my jeans and boxers waiting for Niall. Niall got the hint and sat so his dick was in front of my face and his mouth was by mine.
"Go ahead." I whispered before taking Niall in my mouth all at once. Niall moaned before taking me in his mouth and sucking. We continued to suck and I came first before Niall came and moaned loudly.

Niall climbed off and straddled me grinning.
"I like the taste of your cum." Niall whispered.
"I like the taste of your cum too baby boy."

Niall's Pov

"Niall. Wake up."
"Wake up hoe." Louis said before slapping me across the face and backing up.
"Fuck off." I mumbled burying my face further into the pillow.

"Look, lover boy wanted me to make sure you were up so you guys can have your baby shower, and since I, your best friend have planned a lot of this, I think that the least you can do for me is get the hell out of bed lazy." Louis said ripping the sheets off of my body and turning the light to Harry and I's bedroom.

I groaned before sitting up and opening my eyes. I blinked and stretched slowly, I glanced at Louis who looked nice, he was wearing a T-shirt that said worlds best uncle and skinny jeans to go with it. I rolled my eyes at the smirk he gave me when he saw that I was wearing boxers and one of Harry's shirts from last night.

"Where's Harry?" I asked even though I had a pretty good idea of where he was considering we got in late last night from his tour and we only really had enough time for a round of sex and then eating dinner at like 10.
"Went on a run. Some shit about his trainer told him to work out before the baby comes so he's in good shape." Louis said rolling his eyes because he knew that I wasn't a big fan of Harry's trainer. She was all boobs and no brains.

"Ok, now would you be an even better best friend and help me get out of bed? My back hurts." I said stretching again in hopes to get my back to pop. What I really needed was a famous Harry Styles back rub though.
"Of course." Louis smiled helping me out of bed and laughing when I ran past him to go take a piss.

When I reentered Harry and I's room I was wearing new clothes, a shirt that said baby holder and black skinny's with black vans. I smiled at Louis and quickly fixed my hair, I brushed my teeth too and then went to the kitchen with Louis following behind. I grinned though when I saw Harry sitting on the counter.

Harry was wearing a shirt that said baby maker with black skinny's and his black boots. His hair was wet meaning he must've showered at the gym and his sleeves to his shirt were rolled up showing off his biceps.
"Hi baby." Harry grinned getting down and wrapping his arms around me.
"Hi." I said breathing in the smell of Harry's cologne and sighing in content when he started rubbing my back slowly.

"Haz. Can you rub my back a little lower?" I questioned. Harry nodded and lowered his hands rubbing harder when he felt how tense my muscles really were. We stood there for a while longer until Louis cleared his throat, breaking the comfortable silence that had fell in the room.

"Ok love birds, let's get going, we don't have all day." Louis said moving to grab his sweatshirt as Harry grabbed his keys and I went to the door to leave.
"Harry I'll drive in front of you guys and you just follow me yeah?"
"Yeah that works Louis." Harry said grabbing my hand and walking to his black Mercedes and opening the door for me.

Once we were both in the car we followed Louis to the venue for the baby shower. The whole car ride Harry and I talked about Luca even though we don't know if it's a girl or boy we decided to name the baby Luca if it's a boy and Leah if it's a girl.

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