Pabati Portion:

Hello kinaJoanne Mae Perando at Claire Mag-isa. Eloiza Bonifacio, Chella Marie P. Barundia

Hello kina Jessica Camille at ang mga friends niya na sina Chevy, Jean, Diane, Arriane, Karen, Tinay, Regel, Misaki, Faith, Criszel and Jenica.

Hello kina Xhie Quiambao Sahagun at sa friends niya sa Laoag City, Ilocos Norte.

Pinapabati ni Jill Roldan Maravilla ang buong IV-Cosmetology ng Commonwealth High School.

Hello kina Princess Jamaica Gelido and to her UCC friends Hazel Dominado, Rositaphil Joy Manito, Egie Bagtas, Tropang Census, ccjjarmmz at sa crush niyang si Andrex.


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A rapid string of incessant beeps harassed my ears in the morning.

“What the fries,” I hissed.

The sound kept ringing.


I tried to reach the snooze button of my alarm clock without getting up.

I hit snooze.

The warmth of my bed. My comfy pillows. Who would want to drag me from here and—

“Astrid! You sleepyhead!”

There you go. Just when I was about to be comfortable and fall back to sleep, my “monster” mom would kill it.

I curled back in my bed.

“In a count of three, young lady!”

I buried my head in my Hello Kitty pillow.

“I’m not joking. One!”

“I want to sleep. I want to sleep. I want to sleep.” I chanted in a muffled manner.


Hay naku! “Fine! I’m up, okay? Stop that counting,” I shouted back.

I hate mornings. No, I detest mornings to the Pluto and back.


Pabagsak kong sinarado ang pintuan ng kotse ni KJ at nakasimangot na umupo sa passenger seat.

“Hey. Aren’t we a bit cranky here?” Natatawang sabi ni KJ.

I crossed my arms. “Just drive,” I demanded.

KJ smirked. “Whatever you say, my lady.” He started the engine.

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