Deadly Affairs-Chapter 16

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“Would you like a bottle of water or a cigarette?” Detective Walker asked as we entered the interview room.

“No, I’m fine.” I smiled. I knew that she was just asking so she could get a sample of my DNA and fingerprints. She must think I’m an idiot but if she truly thinks I’m the killer then she must be smart enough to know I wouldn’t fall for some rookie move like that.

“Okay then well let’s get this started.” She said. She and her partner sat down on the opposite side of the table from me with a couple files in front of them.

“Yes, lets.” I said cheekily.

“Now Mr. Fuentes, I would just like for you to tell us your whereabouts the night of John Mason’s murder.” Detective Hotch said pulling out the same notepad he had when he visited my house to ask me some questions not too long ago.

“Okay…Well just like I told you the first time I stayed late to do some work went home got some files then went back to work stayed there for about another hour then went home and my boyfriend came over.” I said calmly.

“And who is your boyfriend?” Detective Walker asked.

“Kellin Quinn, the guy you went to see to verify my alibi.” I said.

“What files were you working on when you went back to the office?” Detective Hotch looked away from his notepad to ask me.

“I don’t know; the usual files. I don’t keep track, I’ve been working there for a while now the files start to blend in my head.” I sat up in the seat, it was quite uncomfortable and one of the legs was uneven so it would wobble a little.

“What did you do when you got home that night?” Detective Walker jumped immediately into the next question.

“I settled down, tried to find something to eat then went to take a shower. My shower was interrupted by my boyfriend and we ended up taking a shower together. Well not really a shower since we didn’t bathe we just fucked.” I smirked. They both looked at each other a little shocked for a moment then shook my comment off.

“See, I think you’re lying Mr. Fuentes.” Detective Walker said and her partner nodded in agreement.

“About what? The shower sex? Oh no, it was amazing! Have you ever had sex in the shower? It’s hot, steamy, passionate, just-“ I was being pretty cocky because if I was going to be interrogated I want to have a little fun with but that didn’t last long because I was cut off by Detective Walker.

“No, not about the shower sex about what you exactly did that night when you were at work.”

“Well what do you think I did?” I asked with this confused look on my face.

“I think you were at work, John asked you to stay late you were already upset about that, he maybe said some things after everyone left and made you even more mad then you snapped and out of an act of rage you killed him. I think you left, went home and came back because you realized evidence was there that would link you to the crime and you cleaned up. That’s what happened, isn’t it?” Detective Walker had the most serious look on her face and was speaking with such confidence in her voice when she was telling me her theory I had to restrain myself from laughing or smiling because these cops really think they know everything when they don’t know the half of it.

“No, that’s not what happened. That doesn’t even make sense.” I said.

“Sure it does, you said yourself that you guys didn’t have the best relationship, that he didn’t like you because you were gay. That made you upset that he didn’t like you because of your sexuality didn’t it? You were being judged by something you couldn’t change and had no control over and you hated it. He messed with you; treated you different and one day you finally said enough is enough and decided take matters into your own hands. You killed him; you cleaned up and tried to get your boyfriend to be your alibi.” By this time Detective Walker was standing beside me talking boldly like she was stating facts, basically trying to scare me.

“Are you uh... done playing Law and Order?” I said arrogantly. “So let me guess you’re gonna be the good cop and you’re the bad?” I pointed at Detective Hotch first then Detective Walker smirking.

 “Well, let me just help you out really quickly so you can get back to your whole act. You have the wrong guy so how about you go back to the streets and gather some new clues because the ones you have right now is leading you to a dead end, I didn’t kill him. I know you were hoping I did but sometimes you just shouldn’t get your hopes up because you might get disappointed.” I leaned back in the chair a little causing it to tilt slightly back. Detective Walker’s phone rang and both cops glanced at each other and then she left the room to answer her phone. Detective Hotch stared at me and I just smiled staring back.

“Look, do you think I want to sit here interrogating you? I don’t; I would rather be at home but this is my job. I’m supposed to lock up criminals and we know you did it.” Hotch said with this tone as if he was trying to get me to reason with him.

“You know I did it?” I shot him a skeptical look.

“And you know you did it too.”

“Is that right? You know that I know that I did it? You know that? Really did your psychic tell you that?” I said cheekily. Detective Walker came strolling back in the room with a smile on her face.

“Well Mr. Fuentes, tell me something, what does a strong man like you need knives in his closet for? I mean surely if someone broke in your house you could fight them off? So why did our guys find a bunch of knives and tools in your closet? Kind of sounds like a stash of killing equipment if you ask me.” She dragged the chair from the other side of the table and sat close beside me.

“Luckily I didn’t ask you but if you must know the knives are a collection my dad gave me. His dad gave them to him so I guess it’s like a family heirloom and for the tools in my closet, well it’s my house I didn’t know my house had to be set up a certain way or else cops would think I’ve committed a murder.”  I rolled my eyes.

“You gotta admit it’s pretty weird to have that stuff in your bedroom closet.” She leaned in.

“I think it’s pretty weird that you’re like 2 inches away from face and I can feel your breath which doesn’t smell good by the way.” I smirked.

“Alright, get up.” She said grabbing my arm.

“For what?” I chuckled out of amusement then stood up slowly. “I can go now?”

“No, but you do have the right to remain silent.” She grabbed the handcuffs off her belt and kept telling me my Miranda rights.

“You have to be kidding me? I didn’t do anything.” I said. She walked towards me but I backed up. “You can’t arrest me you haven’t charged me with anything and you don’t have any evidence on me.”

“Open the door, Hotch.” She said. Detective Hotch went and opened the door standing there was Kellin with this guilty look on his face, my jaw dropped as soon as I saw him and I froze. It felt like time slowed down. Next thing I know Detective Hotch is slamming against the table, my face pressed against it and he put my hands behind my back.

“I can hold you for reasonable suspicion and with those weapons we found in your house and the statement from your boyfriend I have enough to hold you on that.” Detective Walker bended down so she could be eye to eye level with me as Detective Hotch handcuffed me but all I could look at was Kellin standing there outside the door. I couldn’t believe he actually helped them, I couldn’t believe he actually turned me in after he said he loved me. Hotch yanked me up and led me out the door. As I passed Kellin I gave him a look that asked ‘why’. I could see the tears building up in his eyes and his lower lip quivering. As Hotch pulled me around the corner all I could do was look back at Kellin, so much for love.

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