Chapter 15

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Work goes back to normal and it's even better because Peter isn't there. Agent Holmes advises me that I don't have to testify in court because he admitted to everything. I enjoy my time working and hanging out with friends. They escort me everywhere I need to go which is why I'm surprised that again two months later, I'm alone again on my day off.

I'm enjoying this quiet time, and as long as it's daytime and I have security detail, I should be fine walking around the mall by myself. I'll buy myself a new outfit. I drive to the mall and walk around without a specific destination in mind. I wander from store to store looking at different pieces and finally putting together a really cute outfit. I even find a headband to go with it.

To celebrate I decide to eat at the food court instead of at home. I pick out the pizza place and have a slice of pepperoni pizza and an orange pop. I'm sitting down eating and people watching when a woman approaches me. "Hailee? Is that you?" She asks. "I think you have the wrong person." I respond as I feel the familiar pain start to radiate in the back of my head. Crap. So much for an afternoon alone without anyone finding out. Samson's going to have a coronary!

"No, it's you. I'd recognize that hair anywhere. Don't you remember me? I'm Pat Remington. From the clinic. You helped deliver my baby. You must have left for the day before the explosion of the clinic, because they said there were no survivors. It's so sad. Dr. Reznick was an amazing doctor and you are the best obstetrical nurse!" The pain was getting worse. "T-Thanks." I stutter trying to appear normal while the pain from the headache was starting to overpower me. I realize that I have to brace myself or I'll pass out right here. I try my best.

"Where are you working now?" She asks. "I'm tending bar right now." I feel my phone buzz. I look down and it's a text from Samson:

Samson: Where are you?

Uh oh. The text eases my headache some and I'm able to send a response.

Me: At the mall. Food court. Please come and get me.

Samson: OMW.

"Sorry about that." I say happy for the reprieve. I take a sip of my drink while she says, "Why are you bar tending? Your talent is too good to waste. If you want, I can talk to Dr. Sanders and tell him about you." She persists. I make up an excuse, "I just need to get past what happened and then I'll take you up on that offer." She pulls a card out of a gold case and hands it to me, "Please give me a call as soon as you are ready." I nod and she walks away.

Five minutes later, Samson runs into the food court, yelling my name. I wave my hand in his direction and when he sees me, I put my head back down on the cool table. I feel his hand on my back when he approaches me, "Who did you see today?" I lift my hand with the card in it and he takes it out of my hand. Who is she?"

"Ihelpeddeliverherbaby." I mumble into the table. "What?" He turns my head to the side. "I helped deliver her baby." I repeat. He sighs and I feel him pull me upright and his arm goes under my leg and he lifts me in his arms. "I can walk." I mumble again. "No you can't. You can't even hold your head up sweetie." He adjusts me in his arms. He turns to walk away. "Stop. I need to get my bags." He leans down and I grab the bags holding them to me.

I glance around a little and I see that we're receiving a lot of attention with him carrying me through the mall and outside to the car. Brock is standing by his car when we get there. He opens the door and Samson sets me inside, securing me in with the seatbelt. "Where's your keys?" Brock asks. I hand him my purse. "Can't you pull it out yourself?" He tries to hand it back to me. "She can't even keep her eyes open, just get the keys out of the purse." Samson growls.

He fumbles around my purse until he finds my keys and sets my purse back in my lap. I lay back in the seat and close my eyes while Samson closes the door and comes around to the other side. As he starts the car and pulls off, he starts mumbling something about me being too stubborn for my own good. He continues to mumble until we get to my apartment. By then my headache is starting to subside.

When he pulls into the parking space, he turns to me, "Stay right there." He gets out of the car, walking around to my side, opening the door and picking me up after taking my seatbelt off. He starts to carry me to the door when Brock pulls up in my car. Brock follows us up to my door and he uses the keys to let us inside. Samson hauls me over to the couch and sets me down.

Brock comes back in the room with a couple of ibuprofen and a bottle of water. I take the pills and drink the water willing it to take away the rest of the headache quickly. "With as many of these that you take, we need to buy stock in these companies." Brock kids. Samson nods in agreement while they laugh. I smile at both of them and lay my head back on the couch closing my eyes. "My name is Hailee." I reveal. They both stop laughing, "What?" Samson asks. "My name is Hailee." I repeat softly. "How do you know that?" Brock asks. "The lady on that card called me that." I answer. "Do you remember that it's your name?" Samson sits down beside me and starts rubbing my head.

"When she said my name, my head started hurting. She also told me that I'm an obstetric nurse. I guess that's why I was able to deliver that baby." I say quietly. "Does your head hurt when you say it now?" Brock asks. I shake my head. "Not anymore. I'm hoping that this means that my memory is coming back." I say. "Do you remember anything else?" Samson is still rubbing my head, his fingers massaging my scalp. I think for a minute and I can't remember anything else so I shake my head.

"Let's rest on this for now. Make sure you call your therapist so you can tell her what happened. Meanwhile, do you have an extra key to your apartment?" Samson asks. I nod, "In the kitchen drawer. Why?"

"I'm going to have extra keys made for myself, Brock and Melanie. If we need to get in here quick, we need to have one."

I nod and Brock strolls into the kitchen to find the key. "Why don't you go take a nap?" Samson suggests. "Okay." I stand up too tired to argue and walk into my bedroom laying down on my bed. It feels so good and I snuggle in covering myself and going to sleep.


I watch her walk into the bedroom and turn to Brock. "I'm going to stay here for a while to make sure that she's doing better."

"I'll go get the keys made. I'll call Mel and I'll be back in about an hour." Brock strolls towards the door. "Thanks, man." He gives me a nod as he walks out, closing the door behind him.

I look in Carmen's bedroom and she's under the cover, her breathing even. I don't know why she insists on going out by herself. Every time she does, something like this happens. Maybe I should just move in with her and then I don't have to worry about her anymore. I pick up my phone and call Agent Holmes. He answers on the first ring, "Holmes."

"This is Samson. I'm calling to tell you what happened this afternoon." I go on to explain about picking up Carmen and what she told us after we brought her home. "This is good, maybe her memory will come back sooner than later." He responds over the phone. "Thanks for calling me and telling me. Make sure she calls her therapist." He reminds me before we get off of the phone.

I take off my shoes and put my feet up on the couch, turning on the television, feeling the déjà vu because I've been in the position before. I close my eyes, ready to relax since she's nearby. I hear the television and I let it lull me to sleep.  

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