Chapter 1

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7 years ago

Emily POV

"Come on Spy Kids! Time to show us what you got for your unit test! Who's up first?" Mrs. DiLaurentis looked around and landed her eyes on me, "Ms. Emily Fields. Show us what you got kid." She opened the rack of weapons and I took my bow and arrow, then walked into the testing booth.

My vision of the other students faded out behind the glass and pictures of a forest appeared instead. I had a bow locked and ready in my hands. A buzzer went off and I shot my body around, shooting my arrow at the hologram as he lunged at me.

I shot at the sniper behind a rock, a bonsai up in a tree. I did a flip over one and sliced his neck. I got stuck in between two of them so I jumped up into a backflip, shooting the guy in the head as I came down, who then flew back, the arrow also going through the other guy's head and they dissolved into pixels.

When I heard claps all around the room the forest turned back into the facility and Mrs. DiLaurentis was cheering, "bravo bravo! Now that is what I like to see! Who is up next? Where's my daughter? Charlotte?" I walked out and my best friend Charlotte DiLauentis grinned, "way to go Em. Now watch and learn." She smirked, grabbed a sword and got into the testing arena.

"Emily." I turned to Mrs. D and she smiled, "you did mighty well Emily. I want you to be prepared for yor future. You have great potential to become the world's greatest spy. I am so proud of your progress. You may go off to the mess hall. Go on." I smiled and ran off to the mess hall.

That was 7 years ago today, which is October 5, 2015

Hi. I'm Emily Fields. I grew up at OSS (Organization of Super Spies) with my mother and father. Once I graduated Spy Kids school I was bumped up to a higher bracket, being sent on missions by the age of 13. Some of us have special talents. I was born into the privileged of the OSS. My mother and father were the best team in history. We are called spies, heroes, agents. Some are Super Spies. Like myself. My mother has the ability to fly and my father had super strength. I was born with the generics of both. I trained myself into more skills, especially fighting. Give me a bow and arrow and I'm good to go. By the police they call me the Arrow. When I go on my missions I wear a green mask and hood, you know a disguise like every hero does. I am destined to be the greatest agent the OSS has ever seen. Ever since...well you're not ready for that yet. It's only Chapter 1, come on. 

"Herms. Let's go." Charlotte threw me my bow and I chuckled, "You're a Hermy too Hermy." She laughed and we climbed out the window.

Charlotte was born with a penis, like me. Not only powers but penises! A chromosome mishap. It's super rare but since powers are rare, it fucked with our chromosomes in the womb and viola! Hermaphrodites. It's not bad though. Usually works in our favor. And everyone accepts it. There are weirder things in life than half girl, half boys.

"So people have been talking about you lately. Saying the council is going to talk with you." We shot our arrows and I chuckled, "I'm sure they will."

"What you think it's about?" She looked at me and I sighed, "council is messed up as it is. Who knows what they'll tell me?"


"Fields. We called you here on an important mission call." I nodded and stood tall and broad in front of the president and the council, including my parents. "What can I do for you ma'am?" Mrs. Hastings smiled down at me, "we need you to protect a certain girl. Get close to her, know her." They slid me a piece of paper and I looked at her, blue eyes, blonde hair, gorgeous. I looked down at her name Alison DiLaurentis. "Charlotte's little sister? And your daughter?" I looked at Jessica, one of the heads of the council and she nodded, "that's correct. As much as I love my daughter, it's hard living a double life on her. She is in danger of someone going by the name of Arthur Markalev."

I frowned, "why is it so important to keep this girl alive? Just cause she's your daughter? I'm sorry Jessica but I'm not a guardian angel." I threw the picture down, "get her sister to do it."

I went to the door and turned the handle but she locked it with telekinesis. "Clever. Unlock the door."

"We aren't asking you to be her guardian angel Emily. We need you to take Arthur down. And protect her at the same time. She's a key in this organization." I frowned, "why is she so special?"

They all exchanged glances and my mother stood up, "Honey...we think Alison is the chosen one. She has always been special, since the day of her birth. She just hasn't blossomed yet. But she will. When the time comes. We need you to go and save her life. We aren't the only ones that know about her specialty. She can be the one to save us all. With the right training. And they all know. The villains. They know about her. And they are out for blood."

I scrunched my eyebrows, "I don't understand. Why me?"

"Because you were the strongest contestant on our list. You aced your final exams in your hero classes and spy classes. You have perfect attendance and keen senses. You're the highest ranked spy in your age group. And even above you. We need you. Only you can do this." President Hastings looked at me, awaiting a response and I sighed, looking down at the paper. "What do I have to do?" 

"You're going to high school."


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