Ruby Necklace

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(This takes place after the Dark Brotherhood main questline)

Spoilers for quests, Mild swearing, sexual content (just pretty much little bit descriptive make out scenes), partial nudity, violence, some gore

(Sorry I had to but that but there even though this is an M rated game, I still got complaints from some of my other Skyrim X Readers SOOOO... Yeah, I wasn't very happy about that, but whatever there's the warning butt hurt people, ARE YOU HAPPY THAT YOU JUST WASTED EVERYONES TIME AND ARE MAKING THIS CHAPTER SHORTER!)

If you have any problems or questions with the story read the description first please!

Chapters for this book with be generally short, but updated frequently (or at least I'll try until I get writers block)

Any ideas for chapters are very much appreciated and will help me fend off the evil writers block!!! It can be a song you want me to listen to too, that you think will give me inspiration!

Y/N = Your/your characters name


Y/N's POV:

It was a Mondas morning, and the sun was just starting to rise. I just walked into the sanctuary in Dawnstar, from doing some jobs.

I walked in to see Cicero by the night mother, Babette doing some alchemy, and Nazir talking to the new recruits.

I walk over to Babette and I hand her some alchemy ingredients I stumbled upon walking to my clients.

"Oh! Deathbells! My favorite Y/N! Ha, I'll be able to make some lovely poisons with this!" She smiled and began to work on her alchemy again.

I turned around to check on the recruits but to my surprise I saw Cicero an inch away from my face, staring into my eyes.

"W-what are you doing, Cicero?" I stuttered and blushed, as Babette and Nazir stifled their laughs.

"You have beautiful eyes, Listener..." He said in a complete daze.

"T-thank you?" I cocked my head as he then snapped out of his trance.

"Oh, listener! Cicero believes the Night Mother would like to speak with you, yes!" He ran over to the night mother and jumped around like a hyper little kid.

"Alright?" I said puzzled, as I walked over to the night mother. I looked down by her hand and there was a neatly folded up note.

"Cicero, do you know anything about this note?" I turn around and ask him.

"Oh~ I don't know.... Maybe you should look at it!" He giggled inbetween words.

I raised my eyebrow a bit, and then grabbed the note. I cautiously opened it. Inside it said:

Dear, Y/N the Listener
    Look behind you~

"Huh?" I turned around to see Cicero with a beautiful ruby and gold necklace in his hands.

"For being the best listener Cicero's ever known!" He smiled and handed it to me.

It still had a bit of blood on it, but it just brought out the rubies.

"Cicero that's so kind of you! Wait... Aren't I the only Listener you've ever known?" I laughed a bit.

"Yup!" He smiled confidently.

"Alright." I laughed as I clipped on the necklace. "Hey, would you like to go on a few jobs with me, Cicero?"

"Oh, really? Why, yes! Cicero and the Listener! Cicero and the Listener! Out on an adventure! A bloody adventure! I'll pack daggers and sweet rolls, yes I will!" He danced excitedly, and ran off to his room.

"And,newbies, you're gonna have to get used to that jester and his lovely listener for the rest of your lives here!" Nazir let out a hardy laugh to the new recruits.

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