Chapter Ten

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^Picture above of Queen Clarion and the video is the first five minutes of the first Tinkerbell movie!

I turned on Pan. "Where is my sister?" I spat.

He didn't reply. He took my hand and lead me towards the oak tree.

As we came closer, I started to be able to make out differences between the glowing orbs that were the fairies.

They were all dressed colorfully in leaves and stems of every color and variety. Almost all of them had clear iridescent wings that glimmered with the Pixie dust trail that each one left in their wake.

When we reached the tree, Pan knocked sharply on a lower branch. A small tinkling bell sounded, and Pan gestured for me to come closer.

I did, and he lifted me up onto the branch he had just knocked on. Then he joined me.

In front of us was a small platform with a small bell. A waterfall of pixie dust was flowing down onto the platform before disappearing elsewhere.

A beautiful fairy larger and grander than all the rest was waiting on said platform.

She had short, snow white hair that was a mere shade lighter than her dress that was made up of silky ivory feathers. She seemed to glow a white light that came from within.

"Hello, Peter." She said. Her voice was light and airy and brought a sense of ease to my tense frame.

He bowed his head slightly in greeting. "Hello, Queen Parisa. We are here for Tinkerbell."

It was the first time I had ever seen him show any sort of manners, let alone respect for another.

Queen Parisa nodded her tiny head. "Of course," she said with an airy laugh. "But before I call her, shall you introduce me to this young lady?"

It was Pan's turn to laugh. "I almost forgot! This is Wendy." He said while gesturing towards me.

I glared at him. Would he never cease with this Wendy business?

When I glanced back at the platform, Queen Parisa was studying me closely.

The fairy laughed again. "It seems she doesn't agree." She laughed again.

Pan sent me a sideways glare from the corner of his eye. "We are still working on that." He said after a long tense moment.

Queen Parisa merely smiled. "Of course, Peter." She said with a twinkle in her light plum eyes.

Her wings fluttered into action and she lifted from the platform. She glided up towards us until she hovered in front of our faces.

She put her tiny hands on her tiny hips in a clear show of impatience. "Well, come on then!" She said before she gestured for us to follow her down the tree.

Then she took off, fluttering away into the glen, her bleached wings lifting her away from us.

Pan hopped down out off of the branch first before he reached up to help me down.

When did he become such a gentleman?

Once my feet where safely on the ground, we took off after the fairy queen.

She lead us to the other side of the clearing, past the sparkling pond, and to a small stone outcropping in one of the many cliff walls.

We followed Queen Parisa as she flew inside. A torch was unnecessary because she lit up the cave with her glittering trail of pixie dust.

The cave was a shallow indent of the cliff wall that had jutting stone walls that looked as sharp as a knife in some places and as soft as a pillow in others. There was a dirt floor underneath our feet that allowed us to kick up a fine cloud of dust in our wake.

Ahead of us was another glowing orb of pixie dust. Another fairy.

I shoved past Pan and jogged ahead, past the fairy leading us. She and Pan let me go ahead without a word.

When I was close enough to make out the form of the second fairy, she gave a soft fluttering of her wings.

The second fairy had long glowing blonde hair that was pulled back in a tight bun away from her face. Her small face held a keen sense of intelligence that made the green leaf she was wearing seem like an elegant ball gown.

She flew over to our lead fairy when she and Pan had joined us, but I was distracted by what she said next.

I was tackled from behind by a small person. As tiny arms wrapped around my waist, I barely kept my footing.

I whipped around and quickly drew the person into my arms.

The person had curly brown hair that stuck out in every direction and her bright Tinkerbell pajamas were smeared with dirt. Her smile was like a bright sun on a winter's day.

It was Wendi. I had finally found her!

Author's Note:
Well, not much happened in this chapter, but we finally found Wendi and Tink!! Yay! Hope you all enjoyed and thanks so much for reading!

*Editing Note: I have gone back and replaced Queen Clarion with Queen Parisa, and I have changed what she looks like. But, I am too lazy to take Queen Clarion's picture out of the header, so here is a new picture of what I think Queen Parisa looks like. She is portrayed by Angela Blanc from Black Butler (Kuroshitsuji).

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