Chapter #5

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~Author's Note~
So, Chapter #5! I have gotten farther into this then I thought I would- but I'm glad I started this fanfic, as much as I love writing it; I also love reading it.
I love that proud feeling in my chest I get each and every time this story gets a vote or comment, or a read! I really enjoy positive comments and suggestions and just plain seeing how many reads this got. Thanks for all the support I'm getting so far for this fanfiction. Anyway, I'll let you read the story now. I don't even know if anyone reads my ANs, but if you do, thanks a ton and just know,
I really appreciate it~♡

He let William continue to practically drag him the rest of the way back the the Mystery Shack.

"Is this it?" William questioned. Dipper glanced up from where he had been staring at the grassy ground. Gee, it was pretty hard not to get lost in the hunter's eyes. They were just so.. bright. Just so bright and full of excitement and happiness and something so much more. Something deeper was there but the cervitaur just couldn't place it. So he just settled for gluing his eyes to the ground as William lead him back to the Mystery Shack. And he was kind of surprised when he saw the Shack. He wasn't expecting William to actually know where they were going. But he kept quiet; for some odd reason, he just felt safe with William. He felt a surge of something deep within that he didn't quite understand. It was this fluttering feeling of butterflies and nervousness and... and that feeling he use to get back when he got chased from angered and annoyed monsters he disturbed in the forest; not the horror and terrified feeling of getting caught- but the rush he got while being chased.

It took some effort, but Dipper managed to look at William without getting lost in those magnificent orbs. "Yes.. This i-is it." Why was he stuttering!? Every time he talks to William he stutters! But, when they first met he didn't even hesitate to sas him back! Now he's just a blushing mess around him! "Thank you, W-William. I can go f-from here.."

"Aye, call me Will~! And no worries, I'll go in with ya! Maybe you can introduce me to your family! I mean, if that's alright with you..?" William started off with a few puffs of laughter, but ended in a questionable manner.

Dipper didn't expect William to ask him if he was alright if the hunter met his family. Was he okay with it? He really wasn't, but he also didn't want to turn William down.
And.. call him by Will? Did he want to do that? Like.. they just met, and.. Argh, all this thinking about William is messing with his head. "No! I-I mean, no, I don't mind. Come on, I'll introduce you, W-Will."

William gave Dipper a friendly smile, showing off his glimmering white teeth. The hunter watched as the cervitaur turned a bright shade of pink. Grinning on the inside, he followed Dipper up the porch steps and William couldn't help noticing the loud clap clap clap of Dipper's hooves against the wood. They walked in through the unlocked front door, which was strange 'cause the sign hanging in the window said "closed". Upon walking inside, he was instantly hit with the smell of old wood and pine needles. Looking around, he saw they were in some sort of gift shop. The kind with little nick-nacks and way over priced shirts and hats.

William hesitated following Dipper through the "Employees Only" door, the hinges sqeaky and door nob shaking alarmingly.

Dipper smiled at the sight of creaky floorboards and long forgotten peeling wallpaper that was unhappily slapped onto the walls even years before he and Mabel's first visit to Gravity Falls. Cupping a hand over the side of his mouth, Dipper shouted along with a stamp of his front hoove;

"Mabel, Grunkle Stan! I'm home~!"

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