Chapter 1: making a deal with the devil

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The look in his eyes is mesmerizing, he edges closer to her, his gaze aimed directly at her lips, the awkward and uncertain approaches do nothing to ruin this moment- that is until he decides to slams himself into the wall. "Edward! What are you doing!! Good god man get a hold of yourself!"

This is what I hear as my best friend starts throwing popcorn at the TV, I swear, she gets too invested in these corny vampire films.

"Dude calm down, they're gonna make a half vamp/human baby in the end so don't sweat it" says my other best friend, really under-estimating the importance of these films to Lila- oh she's the one gesturing wildly to the tv whilst Melanie, who is sitting cross-legged on my bed is shaking her head at her.

My friends are so different it's almost funny, Lila is a lot girlier; she's that girl who knows everything about everyone. She's friends with everyone, sweet and the type of girl you would expect to be chewing on some pink bubble gum. She has dark red hair that fall just below her shoulders and eyes the colour of the night sky. She is the cutest creature you could set your eyes on and couldn't hurt a fly.

The contrast between her and Melanie is like night and day, Melanie is what can only be described as a surfer girl, she has a lot more guy friends than girls and catching waves is the passion that drives her through life. Despite her lack of well... femininity, she is absolutely gorgeous. Her blonde hair is tinged with brown streaks and cascades down to her waist. Her eyes are a light blue with noticeable speckles of grey which just accentuates them.

I smile at my friends lovingly as they banter back and forth. In a way, we were all different but that was what made us so close- the ability to identify the differences and still love each other.

As I resurface from my thoughts I realise the two girls are looking at me expectantly. I blink several times before saying, "what?"

Melanie rolls her eyes and sighs whilst Lila just giggles. "Get out of Clara land dude" Melanie says, smirking.

We carried on watching the film, but I noticed that Lila seemed distracted, constantly fidgeting. Before I could ask her what was wrong she beat me to it by saying...

"I have something to say!" squeaks Lila looking hesitant. Both Mine and Melanie's attention turned to Lila. "Ok please don't judge me" she says hesitantly, we look encouragingly at her, willing her to go on.

"Well for the past 2 weeks I have been seeing, um well... I've been seeing Ash"

We both furrow our eyebrows, confused, till suddenly it hits me. I look at Lila like she was a dangerous lunatic. Ash creener- the schools biggest player and jerk might I add. All the girls fawn over him like he's' a Greek god (ok so he might look like one but whatever) when in a matter of fact he just a pig who uses and abuses girls. You'd think that was enough to set me off but that was only half of it. You see my family is close to his family so I've pretty much known him all my life, and when in our first year of high school he broke Melanie's heart I kind of branded him a douche-bag. But nevertheless I decided to protect my friends and made a pact with him, it goes a little like this: As long as he never goes near the three of us, I, the sweet angel I am, would not reveal his most embarrassing moment of his entire life to the whole school. I look at lila with a mix of pity and disappointment etched on my face. Lila's face scrunches up in the most adorable way and all my disappointment melts away.

"I'm sorry" she sobs, "he broke up with me yesterday, he said I wasn't what he was looking for right now, but later I heard him with his friends, he told them I was way too frigid for him because I didn't want to put out" she let out another sob and wouldn't stop saying sorry.

"Don't you be sorry!" cries Melanie "He's the one who broke the rules..."

"...So he's the one who will pay" I finish smirking evilly.

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