Part 11 - Who Heard That I Like the Doc

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Jako ^


I stood carefully by the window of Kadri's house. I felt weird. The house was flooded with people. I was excited to be coming here, until I got here and saw all these people.

I sipped my Caprison awkwardly, staring out the window but still unable to escape the huge mass of people I didn't know. Again my mind drifted to the scene from earlier. With Jako. I was worried I'd see him here, but so far I haven't seen him anywhere. I wasn't that dressed up, which is also why I felt like I stood out more. I even wore my freaking converse. The white ones.

Kill me.

I shifted by the window and placed my hand against the glass, wishing I was outside flying freely with the birds. I ignored the stares as I rested my forehead against the glass and let my hand fall back down to my side.

Why am I here?

Me and Kadri aren't even that-

"Are you ok?" I jumped, as someone placed their hand on my shoulder, and turned to find Kadri's perfect face making an expression at me. His eyebrows were furrowed and he looked like he was searching for something that was broken or not right. The only thing that felt injured was in my chest, and it had had that tight feeling for a while now.

"I'm fine. Don't worry about me." I smiled at him and then grabbed his shoulders lightly. "It's your birthday. Smile. Where's your girlfriend?" For a second, just for a second I noticed something strange in his expression. Not wonder, something different, but I couldn't place it. He froze for a second, and then relaxed, and continued as if he'd never stopped. As if he'd never made that curious/weird/dazed expression.

"Are you sure? You seem pretty out of it. I saw you earlier, but I was kidnapped by Doctor Leigh. She harassed me because she hadn't seen me in 3 hours." I laughed, trying to forget about that face. I could feel myself tensing as I let my arm drop back down to my side. I needed to calm down, but it was an expression I'd never seen from him before. It felt weird to see outright.

"I'm fine. Go, go be with your girlfriend and family. I'm sure you got lots of presents." I took a step away from him, raising the Caprison in my hand. "I have to go get another one of these." Before he could even say anything I escaped through the crowds of people and somehow found myself on the back porch, leaning against the white railing. It was over looking a large field, that could pretty be considered as the woods. It was the land that led into the Cayote Forest. Named well.

I sighed for a moment, and then took a sharp intake of air. I was over thinking it. I knew I was. I dropped to my feet then, and noticed that the gaps in the rail were wide enough for me to get my legs through. So, I scooted forewords and pushed my legs out so they were hanging from the balcony. I rested the palms of my hands out behind me and tilted my chin, looking at the rising moon closer. It was almost reminding me of how long I'd been here and how little I'd actually interacted with people. I had a quiz next Monday. I should be home studying for that.

Once again I exhaled, and shut my eyes, letting the wind caress my eyelids, while my eyelids caressed my dry eyes. I opened my eyes and reached for my phone. I was making a choice. A choice I made usually when something was bothering me: I called Angela.

He picked up on the third ring.

"Hello," said her feminine voice on the other end of the phone. "What's up, hon?"

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