Chapter 5: "Screw Math!"

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literally dying, I'm sorry that my way of writing is confusing, many people had told me that. And I'm not good at using special vocabularies either, sorry.. anyways here's another chappie..


[Yukari/Reader-chan's POV]

The dispenser wouldn't run the water. I'm late in paying the water bill. Of course. Sigh.

So I had to use the cold water from the fridge to make mango syrup. But I spilled-- geez! the boys must be thinking, why does it take me so much time to make drinks?! Good job (name), good job.

After cleaning up the spilled water, I brought the mango syrup upstairs, on a tray.

"S-Sorry it took me so long! I-I spilled the water earlier.." I said apologizing. "It's fine," Nagisa smiled and took one of the glasses filled with syrup. While Karma was staring at me intently.

"...a-anything I can help you with, Karma-kun? ~"

"Arisawa, are you a fan of Hayami?" He asked after gulping down some syrup water. I flinched. "W-Well she's great at sniping and all b-but.. not so far as in being a fan of her,"



"Karma-kun, that question's quite out of the blue," Nagi commented. "Why are you asking that, though?"

"Nothing, just curious. By the way, are we done with that cooling box?" Karma asked back.

"I-I guess we are?.." my answer sounded like a question.

Alright. It went dead silent. Author doesn't know what to write.

"Then.. can I bring it home?" Karma asked again. "W-Why?.." "Just need to make a few improvements." "Er.. o-okay.."

So the boys went home. With the project on the redhead's hands. I sighed. Unlocking all the drawers. Pulling out the pile of documents from under the bed and analyzed it.

"Hayami Rinka, student number 19, 12 J--" the words in my mind reached a halt as I realized what actually happened when I was gone.

"Arisawa, are you a fan of Hayami?"

Did he read these documents?! F.

I should tell him before he ruins everything..

~timeskip: Monday, at school.~

"Now then everyone, we'll be doing the daily assessment." Koro-sensei spoke as he flashed across the room, distributing assessment papers. Evaluation on what we've learnt today on this subject, huh?

I looked at the rest of the class in front of me, quietly working on their own. Somehow, I convinced sensei to put my desk in the back of the class, in the farthest corner from the students, under the reason of "socially awkward" of course. Well, at least now I can watch the whole class without them even realizing I am.

After like five minutes of staring at other students, my eyes lowered, to the paper on my desk. Haven't started doing it at all. Geez, this sure is getting boring! My fingers held the pencil firmly. I read the questions.

≈≈≈≈≈≈≈≈≈≈The Questions..≈≈≈≈≈≈≈≈≈



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