Chapter 2: Secrets come out

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Haileigh POV

We just got done watching Nemo, it was a cute movie. "Again!!!" Mila cheered, I laughed a little at her before wrapping my arms back around her. "What time is it?" Normani asked.

"Lunch time." Ally answered. "PIZZA!" Mila cheered. She's like a kid, I love her. Everyone facepalmed. "Fineeeee" Dinah said, she went to go order the pizza. "So tell us about yourself sweetie." Mila said. I got nervous and fiddled with the ends of my jumper, it's one of my many nervous tendencies.

"" Lauren came and sat down beside Mila, Ally and Normani sat infront of us. "You don't need to be nervous cutie. Would you feel better if we just asked questions?" I nodded.

"Okay. So how old are you?" Ally asked. "10." They all looked shocked. "Really?" Normani asked. I nodded. "Favourite colour?" Lauren asked, "umm.. Black." I said smiling a little.

"Do you sing or play any instruments?" Mila asked. I nodded, "I don't think I can sing very well, but I play electric and acoustic guitar, piano, violin, ukulele, drums, and I can kinda play the flute." They looked taken aback again, I giggled. "Damn, you're a talented kid, huh." Normani said before asking her question.

"Umm.. What are some of your hobbies?" "I like softball and aerial. I was doing acting too. Until my little sister... A..nevermind .."

Lauren POV

Haileigh was the sweetest little girl, I can't believe she's 10 though. I thought she was 5 at the oldest. Maybe 4. It was Normani's turn to ask a question.

"Umm.. What are some of your hobbies?" "I like softball and aerial. I was doing acting too. Until my little sister... A..nevermind .." I got concerned. I didn't know she had a sister. Camila got up to go to with Dinah to pick up the pizza, leaving Haileigh, Ally, Normani, and myself.

Haileigh sat beside me looking down, fiddling with her sleeves. I've noticed it's something she does whenever she's nervous. While she was playing with her sleeves one of them came up and I noticed deep cuts on her tiny arm.

Omg.. I wasn't sure if the other girls noticed or not, so I texted them, even though they were literally right in front of me.

Lauren- Guys she has cuts on her arm. Should I pull her aside and talk to her or have Camila talk to her.

They looked up at me and nodded, mouthing "talk to her". I nodded. "Hey sweetie?" She snapped out of it and looked up at me. "Yes?" "I need to talk to you for a second. You're not in any trouble I promise." She nodded then she stood up and I took her hand and led her to the bathroom.

I picked her up, setting her on the counter. Damn she's light. She was growing increasingly worried by the second. "Calm down darling, it's okay. I need to talk to you about something kinda serious though." She nodded slowly.

I slowly rolled her sleeves up, she resisted at first but then gave in and let me. "Haileigh.... Darling you don't need to harm yourself anymore, okay? We are all gonna be here for you from here on out. You can talk to any of us if something happens or you need to talk about anything. Alright Hun?" She nodded then Tears poured from her eyes.

I wiped her tears away even though they kept falling. I got the first aid stuff and wrapped her fragile arms because the cuts were deep. She gave me a weak smile before crying again.

"It's okay darling.. Let it out." "C..can you sing to me..?" I nodded and picked her up, and sitting down on the small chair in the bathroom and placing her on my lap.

She rested her head on my shoulder and koala beared me while I sang human by Christina Perri. By the time it was over she'd fallen asleep. Awe.. I can't believe she would hurt herself. She's so gorgeous and sweet.

I carried her back to the living room and sat down with her sleeping in my
Arms. "How'd it go?" Normani asked. "Okay I guess. She let me wrap her arms up. She did cry some but then she asked me to sing to her and she fell asleep." "Awe.." Ally cooed.

Dinah and Camila got back and I told them what happened and what I found out. Camila cried a little and I handed Haileigh to Dinah so I could comfort Camila, she gets emotional about these things. I don't blame her.

Haileigh moved in her sleep and started calling "Lolo..Mila..Lolo don't go." Then she started whimpering in her sleep. I took her back and Camila followed me. I had an idea.

Camila and I layed down with Haileigh between the two of us, she stopped Whimpering and cuddled into Camila. I waited for Camila to fall asleep before letting myself fall asleep.

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