Chapter 8: ''second chances?''

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Saras pov: I stayed at Aidens house with Morgan so she can comfort me. I wake my pillow smered with make-up. I ask her if I can borrow some clothes and go take a shower. Aiden pov: ''whats wrong with Sara babygirl?'' I ask. ''stilies chested on her which I know how she feels Scott techinaly cheated on me with Allison being cheated on hurts'' Morgan says flinching in pain and shaking her head so she won't cry. I walk over to her and wrap my arms around her.''I won't ever cheat on you baby I love you with all my heart'' I sa getting done on one kne..''i know what this looks like but,it's a promise ring I aiden promise to love you and protect you for the rest of my life'' I say holding out a ainfinty ring. She smiles and hugs me. I smile and spin her around and put the ring on her right finger. She giggle s and I kiss her. Jackson pov: ''baby wake up'' Isay kissing carmens eyelids. She groans and has her back facing me. ''you aked for it'' I say starting to tickle her. She wakes up laughing and in between laughs she says,''Im up babe''. I smile and kiss her. I carry her to the couch to make breakfast. Saras pov: I blast''heart attck'' by 1D<3. They're my favorite band and they're music is making me feel better. When I get out I change and throw my hair in a messy bun. I grab my phone and say to Morgan,''I'm going for a walk in the park to clear my mind''  She nods understandily and gives me a comforting hug. I'm walking throught the part and bump into Stilies. ''baby I was an idot for cheating on you please give me another chance i swear i won't cheat on you again'' Stilies says . I look in his eyes and every word he's saying is true. ''one more chance just Don't hurt me again'' I say. He kisses me and smiles and says,''I won't''. We walk through the park holding hands.