Chapter One

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I've edited this so the chapters won't be in parts unless I have to put them in parts for some reason from now on.


CANCER'S A B**** (A Justin Bieber Love Story)

(This story starts in NZ btw)

I was awoken by the loud beeping of a machine nearby. Lazily, I dragged my eyes open and searched for the button that would shut up the noise that was beginning to give me a headache. I pressed it as soon as I found it. The nurse calling button thing that was attached to my wall sat on the pillow beside my head. I grabbed that and pressed it once before sitting back down and grabbing my iPod so I could time how long it would take my useless nurse to get here. Ten minutes later, Julie appeared at the door, only she would take this long, I had no problem with all the other nurses,

"What do you want kid," She said grumpily.

"Well, first of all I would like you to stop being such a cow, second I would like you to actually come to my room when I ring instead of waiting half an hour to tend to me, but third, could you please put the new chemo bag on, this ones basically run out," Julie rolled her eyes but did the job. I had just managed to get back to sleep when I felt pressure on my arm, it was as if someone was trying to cut off the circulation to my hand or something. I opened my eyes and saw Julie pumping the blood pressure thing,

"Thanks for waking me up Julie, its not like I needed that sleep or anything,"

"I need sleep too but you don't hear me complaining,"

"You need sleep because you stay up all night playing video games with your nerdy friends online, if you can even call them your friends, where as I'm tired because this is my 4th round of chemo THIS MONTH and the month is only halfway over. So I, unlike you, have a reason to be tired and grumpy, YOU don't,"

"You're a horrible patient to have you know,"

"Well you're a horrible nurse so get out of my room. Go get a good nurse, which is actually anyone but you, get..." As I thought about which nurse I wanted Julie stood there rolling her eyes with a bored expression in her face.

"I want Kim. She's a good nurse and she's funny, so go get her, and never be my nurse again. Swap with someone else if you have to because I don't ever want you again," And with that Julie trotted out of my room, minutes later Kim walked in with an amused expression on her face,

"So you finally told her where to stick it eh?" She said, looking as if she was holding back laughter.

"Yeah, I'm so sick of her, the good old machine over here woke me up so I silenced it and pressed the nurse button to get her to come change it then 10 minutes later she FINALLY shows up and was like, 'What do you want?' so I was like, 'I want you to stop being a cow'," Kim burst into fits of laughter at this point and I joined her saying,

"Then she said I was a horrible patient so I said she was a horrible nurse and I wanted to change nurses and to get you,"

"Oh my gosh Bridget, you are too cool for words. I bow down to you... Except I won't really coz these floors need cleaning but you are amazing. No one has ever had the guts to stick up to her. She came back to the nurses station all grumpy before and she was like to me, 'Room 14 wants you as their nurse' and I was like, 'I didn't know we had a patient called that' and she gave me this death glare so I was just like, 'I was just kidding' and she got even grumpier saying, 'There is no time for kidding around in a hospital' so I just surrendered and came down here. You got her in a MOOD, girl, she is not happy at all," I laughed at her.

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