You're so beautiful.

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I padded softly up the stairs, glancing down at my watch. Jake has officially been locked away in his room for almost four hours. Myra shocked us all with her outburst but I can't help agreeing with her. The feud between Jake and Tobias is exhausting and we all want it to come to an end. I pause in front of Jake's bedroom door before knocking on it.

A minute passes and there's no answer. I roll my eyes, knocking on it again.

"Are you ignoring me? Pfft," I huff, spinning on my heel. The door suddenly swings open and Jake grabs my arm, dragging me into his room. My eyes widen as he slams the door shut behind me, pinning me against the wall.

"Jake, what are you doing? You crazy —"

He lets out a frustrated groan before silencing me by crashing his lips against mine.

His kiss is hungry, needy and deep from the start. I wrap my hands in his hair once the shock quickly wears off. His hands travels down my body, in all the right places. I let out a small gasp inside his mouth and Jake pulls back, eyes hooded over. In one swift movement, I find myself being lifted from the ground and carried towards the bed.

Okay, this escalated real fast.

He placed me down, nestling between my legs before placing soft kisses down my neck. The feel of his lips caused me to arch my body into him, loving the way he felt against me. My body was lit up in flames, the passion between us both so strong. I could feel Jake's breathing shallow out as he pulls back, a frown on his face.

"I don't want to hurt you," he breathes out uneasily, tugging at his hair with his hands. I sigh and looked away, blinking.

"Even with Jones dead, he still finds a way to ruin my life." I whisper, feeling my stomach twist with knots. Every time I feel pain, it reminds of me Jones and what he did to me. In a sick way, it's almost like he planned it to be this way. So I can never forget him.

"Hey, look at me." Jake whispers, causing me to turn my face back towards him.

"It's not forever, it'll heal" he said quietly, planting a gentle kiss on the side of my mouth. So different from the passionate crazed one he had given me mere seconds ago.

"I'll always remember it though, he'll always haunt me Jake. This ugly scar proves that," I reply, my eyes filling with sadness. Knowing he would always have some sort of hold on me was terrifying, even from deep inside the grave, he still managed to fill me with fear. Jake sighed and looked into my eyes, searching them intently before speaking.

"Whatever happens to us in life builds us into stronger individuals, no matter how painful it is. It adds on to the every layer of personality we already have making us unique from others. Pain makes you stronger Muffin." Jake said gently and I stared back at him, my own eyes filling with complete love for him.

Every word he just said had effected me and I believed him, believed that this could only make me stronger. I wasn't going to let someone as evil as Jones tear me down, especially since I had survived years of abuse from Trevor.

I reached up, pushing his head down with my hand. The second his lips touched mine, I sighed contently. Butterflies erupted in my stomach which amazingly, dulled the aching pain.

"Thank you" I whispered, looking up into his beautiful blue eyes that were drinking me in shamelessly. His eyes travelled down my body, approval flashing through them.

"You have goosebumps, do I give you goosebumps?" He breathed against my lips and I nodded silently, biting my bottom lip. Jake rested his forearms on the bed, one on either side of my face and his eyes fell to my lips.

I smirked, knowing he loves it when I bite my lip. It took him a few seconds to pull himself out of the trance he was in and his eyes finally met mine, looking disappointed.

"You're a tease" he grumbled re-adjusting himself on top of me.

"Jake junior can't handle a tease Muffin."

"Jake junior? Really?" I asked, spluttering with laughter. Jake looked offended but he masked it over with his usual cocky expression.

"Yes, don't hurt his feelings Muffin. You may live to regret it" he winked and I looked back at him, my own eyes twinkling —

"You are crazy, Jake Melvin."

"Baby, you love it."

I nod in response and pull Jake's head towards me once again. Seconds before his lips could meet mine he speaks, his eyes flickering between mine —

"You're so beautiful."

I immediately feel my body tense up at his words. Those exact words.

Memories of the hospital came flooding back to me and his voice is clear as day now. I sit up and shove at Jake's chest, attempting to get him off me. Tobias' face flashed through my mind and this time I'm completely certain it's him that spoke to me in the hospital. He called me beautiful. The exact words he used, Jake repeated. "You're so beautiful."

How dare he?

How dare he come to me when I'm in a coma of all times and confess his feelings when I'm his cousins girlfriend.

I felt the anger rise in my body and I shoved Jake harder, not that it made any difference.

"Hey what's wrong?" Jake asks rolling off me himself considering I couldn't even move him an inch.

He's definitely been a caveman in a previous life.

"I have something I need to do." I mumble, gritting my teeth together. "You're so beautiful."

My jaw tenses and I feel my body start to shake due to how angry I was. Tobias has crossed a line, a major line. I run a hand through my hair and head for the door, barely hearing Jake's protests from behind me.

All I know is that I'm absolutely livid.

And Tobias will be on the receiving end of it.

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