(Edited) Chapter 22

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Chapter Twenty Two

Never Have I Ever


It takes every bit of my strength to get down the table and back to the couch without falling on my butt. I knew I shouldn't have drunk so much! Sure being drunk has its own pros, like not caring that you're making a fool of yourself in front of basically half the people from your school by dancing atop a table. But there are the cons too. Having a killer head ache and this ever increasing urge to throw up are few of them.

The game continues once I return. Since I'd refused to do the dare that I was initially given, I don't get to spin the bottle for the next round. I spend another twenty minutes playing spin the bottle after my dare. Time flies by in the blink of an eye. I spend most of the time talking to William. Something has changed. He keeps smiling at me for no reason.

Once I've had enough of this game, I decide to go and do something else. I'm just about to tell William I'm going when the bottle stops in front of us, its mouth facing William this time.

"Okay William, what do you choose—truth or dare?"

"Um...I don't know, dare? But please don't ask me to dance," he adds, jokingly. Everybody knows he's an amazing dancer.

"Alright then, go and kiss the person you find the most attractive in this room." I notice a lot of people, including both boys and girls looking at William, silently hoping he'd kiss them.

"I can't kiss myself!" He exclaims, looking aghast. Everyone bursts out laughing.

"Haha very funny mister cocky! Let me be specific: kiss the person you find the most attractive in this room, other than yourself."

He turns to look at me, passing me another one of his smiles. I smile back. He's been awfully smiley the past few minutes. As soon as I smile back at him, he starts leaning towards me.

Now wait a minute...

My eyes widen. I realize William's going to kiss me just a second before his lips press softly onto mine.

What the—

It's all happening so suddenly, so fast, I don't know what to make of it. My heart jolts painfully in my chest while I sit frozen as his lips caress mine. I sit there, motionless like an idiot while his lips continue to move against mine. I sit there, not doing anything, just waiting for it to stop.

And when it does, I get up and leave. My eyes involuntarily fall on Aiden as I'm walking away, and he looks as stunned as I do. My head hurts so much. I massage my temples.

What the hell was that?! It was so sudden, and so out of the blue. It was so unpredictable. Oh god, my chest hurts. I'm not good with surprises; especially surprise kisses. I don't know how to feel right now. On one side, I'm kind of happy that William thought I was the most attractive person in the room. But at the same time I seriously didn't appreciate being kissed by a stranger like that. I barely know him, and he goes ahead and kisses me. It makes me...uncomfortable.

Suddenly, it hits me—I completed two more tasks off the Party Bucket List: I got drunk, and I kissed a random stranger. I mean sure, it wasn't a proper kiss since I didn't kiss him back, but it was a kiss nevertheless. There are just two more tasks left, so why not go on with it, right?

I ask around a bit, and finally spot a bunch of people who are playing 'Never Have I Ever'. The voice inside my head warns me to not drink any more, but right now, I really don't care. On getting closer, I spot Sharon among the bunch of people who are playing. I go ahead sit next to her. "William kissed me," I lean closer and whisper in her ears.

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