Well, he took it better than I thought he would. He didn't faint at least. He almost caught a heart attack though. His face got a bit pale, then it became normal and he got all excited....


"Oh my god! Your pregnant! Oh my god! I'm gonna be a father!" he paused.

"It is my kid right?" I rolled my eyes. 

"Yes! Why would you even think otherwise?" I asked laughing as he twirled me.

"Just making sure." he said as he kissed me full on the lips.

"I love you." he said his big hazel eyes staring into mine. Our child might have the same exact color.

"I love you too."

~Flashback Over~

So, obviously, he took it a lot better than other guys would have. It was already the next morning, and to tell you the truth, I hardly could tell I was pregnant.

I walked down the stairs into the kitchen where the whole family was. All of a sudden this disgusting stench filled the room. I felt like gagging. 

"Oh god! What is that horrible smell?" I yelled covering my nose and everyone looked at me and Antonio flew up so fast, I could hardly blink. He threw out his coffee and looked at me hopefully. The stench was gone.

"Better?" he asked. I nodded and he wrapped his arms around my waist lovingly as he sneakily touched my stomach with our hidden meanings. I smiled and he smiled back as he put his head on my shoulder.

"That was so weird." said Rhiannon.

"Almost as if..." started Max.

"But she can't!" yelled Alex.

"Or can she?" asked Rhiannon. Me and Antonio looked at all of them following their cut short sentences. Slowly we backed out of the room and grabbed our bags. We walked out the house and got in the house.

"Whew, that was close. We need to be more careful if we don't anyone knowing about this yet." I said and he nodded as he got into the car to drive.

"What do you wanna eat?" he asked and I had a strange craving for pickles. I groaned.

"I want pickles." he shook his head.

"And the cravings start." he laughed and he drove to the nearest grocery store to buy some pickles. In a few minutes, I finished the whole jar. Antonio was looking at me like I was insane.

"I hate pickles, yet right now they taste so good. I swear child in my stomach, you better hate pickles and this is just a stage. You hear me? Yeah you do." I growled at my stomach and Antonio rolled his eyes.

"You have mental issues, Anna. I swear, if you do that in school today, god help me. Its your second day in this school, and don't make everyone think your crazy." he said as we pulled into the schools parking lot.

"But I am crazy." I pouted.

"I know and you know, and your friends will. But make them think your normal first, so that they actually get the chance to approach you." he said and I rolled my eyes as we got out of the car and walked to the school. He gave me a kiss goodbye and we went our separate ways. I put some mints in my mouth so that my breath didn't reek of the stupid pickles. Stupid cravings...

"Hi! My name is Destiny, but all my friends call me Dezzy. Whats your name?" she asked as she sat down next to me. She held out her hand, and I shook it.

"Anna, nice to meet you." I said.

"Well, this is an extremely stupid question, but I'm guessing your new right?" she asked and I laughed.

"Yup and you were absent when I came on my first day." she nodded and laughed.

"Well, why did you come at the end of the year? No one told me there's a new family here." she said.

"That's because we're staying at a friends house until we can afford and be old enough to get our own house." I said and she had a confused expression.

"Me and my step brother were kicked out of the house for certain reasons." I explained. 

"Oh. That makes sense, but why are you guys gonna live together?" she asked and I sighed.

"Its a long story." she nodded and the bell rang.

"What do you have first?"

"Art." she squealed.

"Me too! And I found out that the teacher isn't here so we have some sub who doesn't even speak English. You can explain it there!" she said as we walked out of class.

"Okay." I walked out and I saw Antonio.

"Hey baby!" he said and he gave me a quick kiss on the cheek. Destiny stood there awkwardly.

"Oh! This is my new friend Destiny. This is my," I looked at him not sure if I should say.

"Step brother. My name's Antonio. Nice to meet you." he held out his hand and she shook it a bit confused.

"Likewise. So wait, this is what you had to explain? You guys are together?" she asked.

"Yeah. Its kind of hard to explain actually." I said at a somewhat loss for words. He sighed and spoke.

"We thought we were brother and sister and we fell in love over the years. Then we found out we weren't even actual brother and sister so we could be together. But everyone we knew, thought we were brother and sister so it was kind of weird and awkward. Then our mom didn't agree and convinced our father not to agree either so we got kicked out." he said and sighed.

"Well, I have to get to class. See you later Anna." he gave me a quick kiss on the lips and walked off in another direction.

"Wow, he is really good at paraphrasing." I said and laughed. He made our story seem so simple yet, he left out so much.

Dezzy just seemed a bit shocked as we walked into Art. The sub was yelling in some language at a student and he just laughed because he didn't know what she said. She decided to just sit down and read a magazine because it was no use in trying to get us to listen when we didn't even know what she was saying.

We sat in the front and she looked at me. She started smiling like the Cheshire cat. 

"What?" I asked a little confused and she looked at the door. Antonio peeked in and smiled. I rolled my eyes. He walked in and sat next to me. 

"My teacher is absent, and I'm guessing yours is too now that i see it. Anyways, I got bored and came here. Do you mind?" he asked looking at me with hopeful eyes.

"Its fine. As long as I get to be with you." I said and he kissed my cheek and Dezzy 'Awwed'  He sat in my seat and I sat on his lap. We had casual conversations with Dezzy about our past life and as Antonio continued to talk about My Ex-Best friend, I looked around. I noticed people were starting to watch Antonio's every movement because they knew he was the new senior. 

He finished talking to Dezzy and kissed me down my neck to my collarbone. I tilted my head back enjoying the contact we haven't had in a while. When I came back to reality I saw this girl staring. 

"Hey! Don't stare, its rude." said Antonio as he stared back at her and she looked away so fast, I didn't even have a chance to blink. I scoffed.

"Don't scare away people who could be my friend soon!" I yelled.

"Sorry! She was staring and staring is rude, yeesh." He rolled his eyes and soon the bell rang. We went our separate ways and that was when I noticed, my second day hadn't been as bad as I thought it would be...

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