Chapter I: The Departure

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Chapter I: The Departure


LuHan's POV

"Do I really have to?" LuHan asked his appa.

"LuHan, stop the questions. You will what we say, it's for your own good." His appa replied shakingly.

His fathers' words circled around his head. 'Why is he being so jumpy?'

He went upstairs to pack his bags.

He noticed his parents at the doorway, looking at him with their saddened eyes. LuHan rushed to them, giving them a tight, but full of love, hug. At last, he was done packing.

"LuHan, don't forget all we taught you. You know as we say, how important you are to ALL of us." He was confused, badly, of what his eomma said.

He left, still confused and bid goodbye to his eomma and appa.


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