mistletoe. <3

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ok so I asked a few people for a title and it had to be about Christmas but then I realised that Justin had a Christmas album, so I am going to use some names of the songs for titles. XD so this one is called mistletoe if you didn't read the title. like I said on the last one [y/f/n] means your first and last name and [y/n] means your first name and [y/bf/n] will be your best friends name <3 enjoy :)


you and Justin were at your best friends house ([y/bf/n]) preparing for prom and you were in a baby blue dress and it was strapless and has sparkles going just under the cleavage and going in between to the top. as you walked out you saw everyone's mouth drop, even Justin's, he never drop his mouth at anything. you hair was all curled and had it up like a brides hair but had a strand down on either side of your face. your make up was all in the Smokey look

"[y/f/n] you look stunning! I never knew you were into looking like this!" [y/bf/n] said and looked at you with amazement. "come on guys we need to get going, we are going to be late!! I'm so excited. chaz you coming?" chaz was [y/bf/n] date and Justin was Demi's. you were going with a jock from the football team. you were friends with Justin but you only wished it could be more.

~2 hours later~

to walked into the main hall with your date about an hour ago, you were dancing together then he left. you sat at a table waiting for him to come back, in the corner of your eye you saw Justin doing the same. sat there waiting.

"ok kids partner up and get your booties on the dance floor, get close and get dancing!" one teacher shouted. you walked over to where you last saw your date and found him kissing another girl. you walked back to your table shocked and disappointed, the thing is though the girl was Justin's date!! the shock and horror!!! just then you felt warm hands on your hand, you look up and saw Justin.

"hey [y/n] do you want to dance?"

"sure" you said with great fullness in your voice. so you both start dancing, your hands around his neck and his around your waist you slow danced together. little did you know that Justin had led you to under the mistletoe (see what I did there). you both danced until the song slowed down and came to an end. you both looked into each others eyes, you played with the ends of his hair and then you kissed.

ok sorry for the spelling mistakes I did this one in my phone XD sorry guys. auto correct. DAMN YOU!!! ok so comment what you think I have 2 more in mind. uploading 1 each day.

~Sarah xx