The Fox Girl

  • Dedicated to To my little sister Lizzie- another fierce fiery red head!
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This is the sequel to The Raven Girl! It's going to pick off where The Raven Girl finished, but don't worry if you haven't read The Raven Girl, this story will stand on its own and in the story arc. I really loved writing The Raven Girl and I've been really looking forward to writing this!!! I hope you enjoy it!!

- Angeltwist XxXx




“Cherry or sunshine yellow?” I asked my best friend Ebony showing her the two shades of nail polish sat on the side of my bed. Ebony was a million miles away fiddling with her stupid ring. Groaning I threw a cushion at her head, “Ebony stop playing with that ring, it’ll make you go blind.”

     Ebony threw me a scathing look and sighed, “Morgan, I heard his voice again.” My heart sank. Ebony heard voices or rather just one voice. The psychiatrist thought it was a manifestation of stress and had given her pills but they didn’t seem to help. I put the nail polish down and crawled over the bed to her and asked, “What did the voice say?”

     Ebony said distantly with fear in her eyes and said dryly, “That he is coming to take me away.” Her voice trembled slightly like she was genuinely afraid that this disembodied voice was real and coming to get her. I jumped up onto the bed and chirped, “Come on Ebbs, it’s not real and if it was, it would have to get through me. Nobody is going to snatch my best friend from underneath my nose. No way! They would have to get through my tiger claw ninja kung fu martial arts shizz!” I kicked and chopped the air hoping for smile or something to alleviate that terrible sadness in her eyes, but she continued to stare at the ring and whispered,  “I wish I could take this ring off.” Ebony whispered.

     “I wish you let me take you to A+E, so we could get the ring cut off.” I snapped. Ebony winced and gave me an angry look, “He doesn’t like it when I talk like that. He makes my arm hurt.” she said rubbing her hand like it was in pain.

     A little piece of me inside died. For so long I didn’t want to believe what the doctors were saying about Ebony, that she was going mad. All this talk of schizophrenia and maniac depression terrified me, but as each day passed I could see my best friend disappearing. The voice in her head was consuming her.

     She closed her eyes and fell back against the bed and said, “Sometimes I wish the world would just burst into flames so he would stop talking.” I tried not to cry. Gently I took her hand and said, “Maybe the tablets the doctor gave you will start to work.” Ebony shook her head, “I want to, but he always persuades me not to take them. He tells me its poison.”Giving her hand a squeeze I said softly, “Ebbs, he’s not real. He’s just a…” I didn’t want to say a delusion but Ebony had already picked up on it. She tightened her mouth and said numbly, "It's just a symptom of my disease.”

     Feeling her anguish I threw my arms around her, hugging her fiercely, “You are not diseased.” I told her. She shook her head and cried, “I’m losing my mind, Morgan. Every day I feel it slipping through my fingers. I feel so stupid, because I am scared he is going to come for me and take me away from everything I know.”

     Grabbing Ebony's shoulders I forced her to look at me. "Ebony I swear on everything that is good, pure and true in this world; I will never let anyone hurt you. You are my best friend and I will protect you forever! Do you hear me?” Ebony nodded and flung her arms around my neck, "Morgan, I'm so glad I have you." She smiled.