Shut Up And Drive- HARRY STYLES #DirtyImagine

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“Y/N, are you ready to go??” shouted Louis from my front door.

“Yeah, I’ll be right there!!” I shouted.

This was pretty exciting, I hadn’t seen my old friend Louis in a long time, since he’s usually touring the world. Last weekend he called me and told me that him, our friend El, and his band members were going to take a road trip, and then camping. I thought it’d be fun and a great way to catch up with them so I said yes. I lugged my suitcase down the hallway when I ran into Zayn.

“Need any help with that?” he asked smiling.

“Please?” I said batting my eyelashes, he just chuckled and hauled it off to the van.

I made my way into the kitchen to grab myself a water bottle, El was in there and we started talking and just being girls, when Harry walked in, his green eyes looking me up and down. I just rolled my eyes, being used to him doing that every time we saw each other, ever since he walked in on me changing once. He just made me so nervous, I didn’t like it.

“Stop being such a creep Harry!” scolded Liam as he walked in. “Thanks for letting us use your van Y/N, it’s come to be quite handy!” he said coming over for a hug.

“I’m glad I could help!” I said returning him a smile, Harry had made his way to the bathroom, I didn’t dare to follow him with my eyes.

“Lou says we’re ready to go.” announced Niall walking into my house. We all started making our way outside.

“So, are you and Lou finally gonna get together?” I asked Eleanor as we walked outside, she just nudged me and her cheeks flamed red. I just smiled at her reaction; something was definitely going to happen on this trip. “Oh, I forgot my purse and to set the alarm.” I mumbled, “I’ll be right back.” I said and made my way back into the house. I ran over to my room and quickly grabbed my purse, I was waiting for Harry by the alarm, he was taking too long. Out of no where I felt two large hand squeeze my bum, and I jumped at least 3 feet off the ground; Harry just chuckled.

“Ughhh, you twat!” I scoffed, smacking his arm, then turning back to enter the alarm code.

“I’ve been wanting to do that since I walked in on you.” he whispered seductively, sending crazy chills down my spine. After that we walked outside and I locked the door, hoping I would score a seat by Niall, since we get on pretty well.

I quickly sat at the very back and Niall smiled at me, I was hoping he would come and take up the only seat left before Harry did, but it was too late. Liam and Zayn sat in the middle row and Niall glued his arse to the seat beside Zayn.

“Looks like I’ll be keeping you company.” said Harry sending me a wink before taking a seat beside me. I suddenly wished that Louis had put the cooler in the middle instead of the side; Harry squeezed by it and sat in the middle seat flashing me a grin, I just gave him a half smile and looked out the window.

We had been on the road for almost an hour, everyone was talking and having a good time, me? My headphones were plugged in avoiding everything that had to do with Harry. I thought back to when he freaked me out at home… I didn’t feel uncomfortable… I felt confused when it came to Harry…sometimes I wanted to smack him upside the head and other times I wanted to snog him all day, that’s why I avoided him, he made me crazy. Soon enough Zayn and Niall had dozed off, I looked over at Harry who was on his phone; I felt a chill and nudged him lightly, capturing his attention.

“I’m cold, can you hand me a blanket from back there.” I motioned to the trunk with my eyes, he just smiled and reached over and grabbed a blanket. “Thanks.” I said as he extended it and draped it over me.

“So… why do you hate me?” Harry asked in a hushed tone.

“I don’t Harry, you just… make me go mad.” I said rolling my eyes dramatically.

“Is that in a good or bad way?” he asked closer to my ear.

“I don’t know yet.” I said returning his banter.

“You know, you’re really pretty Y/N…” Harry’s words caught me off guard and made my face instantly heated up, and I smiled. “Why are you blushing?” he teased and then pulled away from my ear with the biggest grin on his face. “Hey Lou, mind turning on some music?” Harry asked, Louis responded by turning up the volume.

“…I pull up, anticipating good love. Don’t keep me waiting I got plans to put my hands in places I never seen girl you know what I mean. Let me take you to a place nice and quiet, there ain’t no one there to interrupt. Ain’t gotta rush, I just want to take it nice and slow…”

“What was this van used for last?” asked Louis, trying to find me in his rear view mirror. I blushed and was hiding.

“I just like Usher…” I defended as he turned on the radio, silencing my CD.

“Sure.” he mumbled before getting back to chatting with El.

“That was a really sexy song.” whispered Harry in my ear sending shivers throughout my whole body, I felt his hand land on my thigh and give it a squeeze, I was growing wetter by the second, but it was Harry sitting beside me, the person who made me absolutely mental.

“Harry, stop.” I said quietly.

“You know you don’t want me to.” he whispered into my ear lightly biting my earlobe. I squirmed in my seat but decided not to let him win.

“Please, stop.” I said shakily.

“That’s not convincing me.” he said running his hand dangerously close to my heat, “We both know you liked it when I squeezed your ass, and when I walked in on you last time…I know you got wet when you saw me get hard instantly…I saw you looking.” he said quietly. I let out a sigh, he was right, I was looking. Not by accident either, I looked because I knew what I did to him.

“You know what you do to me… naughty girl.” he said as if he was reading my mind. His finger was now running over my covered heat. The thing is that we both secretly wanted each other, we just didn’t want to give Louis the satisfaction of being right about it. Suddenly Harry’s hand left me, I looked up at him confused, and widened my eyes like asking, ‘What happened?’; he looked at me and smirked that sexy grin of his. I was extremely wet, extremely horny, and this little wanker was sitting here smirking at me. He leaned in, close to my ear once again and whispered.“Beg.”

I huffed and crossed my arms looking out the window, was he really playing this game now? “You know you want it bad.” he said seductively, and he was right. I leaned close to his ear and took a deep breath.

“Harry… I’m so wet and so horny for you.” I almost moaned. “Please, finger fuck me.” I finished, and I saw him tense up a bit; I looked down at the growing bulge in his pants, and smirked.

Almost instantly I felt his hand slide under the blanket and to the top of my sweats. His hand slowly slipped in to my panties, and I smiled knowing he’d love what he’d feel. His finger glided over my slit, I was so wet that his finger involuntarily slipped in. He shot me a glance and bit his lip as he began circling my clit. It was so hard not to moan, I wanted to kiss him and run my hand through his curls and just do so much to him. I felt my breathing getting heavier, and all of a sudden I saw Niall sit up, he was awake and he looked back at us.

“How long was I out?” he asked.

“I don’t know, haven’t been paying attention.” said Harry nonchalantly and Niall turned back around; thankfully he was half asleep and didn’t notice. Niall started talking to Liam and they got distracted and all focus went to the front of the car as Louis started telling some story. Meanwhile Harry was rubbing my clit hard and I gasped when he slightly pinched it. His eyes met mine and I swear I almost came, he gave me his famous smirk and slid a finger into my dripping core.

“I wish I was using my tongue instead of my fingers.” groaned Harry into my ear. I was losing it, we argued all the time yet here he was saying that he wanted his face between my thighs. Fuck, I know it would feel amazing. He continued pumping his finger in and out of me.

“More.” I moaned quietly, and he obliged adding another finger. His eyebrows furrowed in concentration as he searched for my g-spot. “I swear if we weren’t in a car I’d be screaming your name, Harry.” I groaned out of frustration.

All of a sudden we hit a big bump in the road and Harry’s fingers slammed inside of me hitting the perfect spot.

“Oh, fuck!” I moaned as his fingers plunged inside of me, he stilled his hand and everyone turned to look at me, did it really sound like a moan? I thought to myself.

“Uhmmm…” said Zayn said, I hadn’t noticed he woke up.

“Sorry, you can really feel it back here.” I said awkwardly.

“Are you sure that’s what it was?” asked Harry with a cheeky grin plastered on his face.

“Yeah, it’s not like i’m getting myself off here!” I shouted and everyone started laughing and agreed, “At least I wouldn’t next to Harry.” I finished making them laugh even more, and everyone went back to their conversations. Then Harry started hitting that same spot he had just hit, and I was lowly moaning in his ear letting him know that he was doing a fantastic job.

“Rub your clit.” he whispered to me and I looked at him like he was crazy, and shook my head. “Come on baby, it’ll feel a lot better, and you’ll cum faster.” Harry encouraged. I felt myself flush that he just called me babe, but he probably calls a lot of girls that. For some reason I wanted him to be pleased with me and so I snaked my hand into my sweats and started rubbing my clit.

I let out a quiet moan and Harry reminded me to shush, but no one seemed to hear. All of a sudden Harry picked up the pace, the music was still playing loudly and I felt myself getting close, I felt like I was about to burst, my stomach was being tied in knots.

“Harry, I’m gonna cum.” I whispered.

“Fuck…Cum for me baby.” he moaned into my ear. He did it again, he called me baby! Why was this going to my head? I was about to have the best orgasm of my entire life and all I could think about was Harry calling me ‘baby’. I rubbed myself faster and I felt my release taking over.

“Oh, Harry…” I moaned into his ear, he kept pumping in and out of me as I came down from my climax. I was shivering, and I just wanted to curl up beside Harry but I felt like I shouldn’t. I saw him bring his fingers up to his mouth and suck them clean, turning me on again.

“You taste amazing.” he said quietly and I just blushed and looked out the window; all of a sudden the music was turned down to a more reasonable volume.

“Okay, that is the last time I am ever letting you two ride back there together alone!” shouted Louis. I look at him through the mirror and blush. “Yeah, you guys didn’t think I saw that huh? You couldn’t at least wait until we were on solid ground?” he rolled his eyes and everyone looked over at us and I turned to the window and blushed, as everyone made some more remarks.

“Come here.” Harry said and I looked at him somewhat surprised, he signaled me to scoot closer with his messy curls and so I did. “Why are you being so…weird?” he asked.

“I just thought that… I don’t know that this meant more to me than it meant to you.” I confessed, for the first time voluntarily leaving myself vulnerable to Harry, I honestly thought he just wanted some entertainment.

“Are you kidding? I’ve been wanting to do that since… I don’t know how long.” he said as I leaned my head on his shoulder. “You know… I really like you Y/N…I know we fight a lot and all that stuff but I would really like to be with you, I mean seriously. We’ve known each other for a while now and every time I see you it only gets worse.” he confesses.

“So you want me to be your girlfriend?” I say a bit shocked, I mean I liked Harry I just put a front so much that I didn’t like him that I had convinced myself of it.

“I do Y/N.” he said looking into my eyes longingly.

“Okay.” I smiled and he leaned in and kissed me. It wasn’t rough or desperate; it was sweet and passionate. When we pulled away everyone’s attention was on us, and I just blushed.

“Just to let you all know, I called this a long time ago…” said Louis.

“Just shut up and drive Lou.” said Harry, leaning back in to kiss me.




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