Chapter 12

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Izzy's POV
I go to school, Dash is following close behind me. He said" come on, let's go. You're not going." He grabbed my hand and pulled me, I followed him, we snuck out and then ran. He held my hand and rubbed the top of my hand. We kept running, I said" where're we going?" He said" to the woods, it's safe there." I nodded and followed him.
We got to the woods, we sat down on a log. I said" is this bad?" Dash said" no, Kid, we'll be fine." I nodded and looked around.
Luke's POV
The school called, a woman said" Mr. Hemmings, your child Izzy Hemmings, did not show up for 1st class." I said" what?" Then she hung up, I ran out of my room and to Calum's, I said" you dropped off Izzy, right?" He said" yeah, of course." I ran downstairs and grabbed my phone, I searched for Izzy's iPod. I found it in the middle of nowhere!
I grabbed the keys and then got Calum, and then we left.
Calum drove, I'm in the passenger seat, freaking out. I said" why would she run away from school?!" Calum said" calm down, Luke!" I said" I can't! My princess is out in the middle of nowhere!" Calum said" Lucas!" I looked at him, he said" calm down." I breathed out, trying to calm my breathing.
Once we got to the place and started walking, after a while, I heard Izzy's giggles. I ran to her, I said" Izzy!" She said" daddy! Cal!" She hugged me, I said" what in the world were you thinking?!" She looked at me, Calum said" Luke!" I walked away from my princess, and got behind Calum, he walked to her.
Calum's POV
I walked to Izzy, she was on the verge of tears, I said" Izzy, why're you out here?" She said" Dash said i wasn't going to school, so I followed him." I said" sweets, you just don't go following your imaginary friend like that." She screamed" he's not imaginary! You're lying! He's my friend! No one can have him!" I backed away from her, she said" he's not imaginary." I nodded, hoping that'd calm her down, I went to Luke and whispered" we're taking her to a doctor." He nodded, slightly scared by her action. I said" come on, let's go home ." She reached out to her dad, Luke was frozen, I pushed Luke, he walked forward, and picked up the 10 year old.
Once we got back to the car, she was asleep. She was exhausted. Luke put her in the back and got in passenger. He broke down, crying softly, I said" she'll be okay."
We got home, Izzy was waking up, she mumbled" daddy?" He said" I'm here, Princess." He lifted her up and we went inside.
Luke's POV
We are at the doctor, Izzy is not happy about it. At all. Soon the doctor comes in and starts asking Izzy questions. Izzy answers.
Once the whole thing was over, the doctor pulled me into a room away from Izzy, she said" Izzy has schizophrenia." I was shocked, she said" there is no cure for it. She'll be fine but her friend will be around for a while." I said" okay." I walked back to Izzy and she was whispering to Dash. I smiled and lifted her up, I said" let's get home, Princess." We left.

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