Okay part 1

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The door made a loud clang sound as it unlocked. Marinette couldn't help but jump as Leo appeared from the doorway.
"Hello Marie."

"Let me go, im not your little sister!"

"Marie don't talk that way."

"Don't call me Marie!"
Leo was starting to get agitated. But Marinette was tired of sitting in this cold basement, staring at the porcelain doll that looked so similar to her. Marinette looked behind him and noticed the door slightly ajar. She began to stand up.
"Dear sister, please calm down. Mother and farther would not approve of such a tone."

"Im not your sister Leo! Im just one of the girls that you kidnapped! Let me go!"
Marinette screamed as she pushed Leo and ran towards the door, but somehow Leo got there first. He pushed the door closed and it locked behind him.
She whispered. Leo slowly moved from the door to Marinette. She backed away and heard a shattering sound as she felt a sharp pain in her foot. She looked down. Marinette had stepped on the porcelain dolls head. The doll had cut her leg and a little stream of blood flowed onto the dolls face. She looked up slowly to see Leo staring at the doll. He slowly looked up at Marinette. Never had she seen such an emotion in anyone as she was seeing in his eyes right now. His eyes were filled with pure hatred and murder.
"Look what you've done Marie. Look what you've done! How dare you?!"
Leo began to take steps forward and he reached behind him and pulled out a knife. Marinette's heart was beating in her ears. She moved out of the way just as the knife hit the wall where her head had been.
Leo growled.
Marinette turned and faced him, he charged again she grabbed his wrists and kneed him in the stomach and fled to the other side of the room. Leo groaned as he picked himself up. He turned around.
"Marie needs to be taught a lesson for being disrespectful to her big brother."
He slowly made his way to Marinette.
'How much longer can I keep this up? Please hurry Tikki! Please Chat."
Leo lunged for Marinette again and she moved quickly out of the way. He stumbled but keep leeping for her and she kept moving out of the way. She was slowly starting to barely move out of the way in time. Her back was against the walk and he jumped towards her again but she didn't move fast enough to avoid the knife. It scratched her shoulder and she cried out in pain.
Marinette held onto her arm. She was starting to lose hope. There was a noise coming from the other side of the door and the voice she heard next was music to her ears.

Marinette whispered his name. She watched as the door slowly rotted away to reveal a sight so beautiful to Marinette's eyes. Chat stood in the doorway scanning the room. A forest of green meet a sky of blue. His face gave away a look of relief and he smiled at her. Suddenly Marinette felt Leo move behind her and a cold object touched her neck. Leo had the knife against her neck. She was afraid to breathe so she stared at Chat for courage. Chat stopped looking at Marinette and focused on the man holding the sweet girl he has come to love.

"Easy, calm down. Just let her go and we can talk this out."
Adrien said but he watched as the man held Marinette tighter. She let out a small whimper, it speed up his heart rate as he realized how gentle the situation was. He would have to get the knife away from Marinette before he could capture the murderer. Chat knew he didn't have much time. Suddenly Marinette spoke.
"Leo listen to me. I'm not your sister. You have to let me go."

"No! You are Marie! You will learn to be like her in time!"

"No I won't!"
Leo held the knife a little closer to her neck.

"Would Marie want this?"
When he heard that, his grip on her slacken. Marinette glanced at me once then quickly shoved Leo off of her. She ran behind me as Leo cried out in anger.
"No! No no no no!"
Leo raised the knife.
"Stop. You know what has to happen now."


"You're going to prison for what you've done."
Leo smiled.
"No. I'm not going back to prison. I'm going to see Marie."

And with one swift movement, the killer plunged the knife into his own stomach. Marinette cried out so Chat hide her face in his chest. She began to sob.
"It's going to be alright now. You're okay."
Marinette continued to cry into his chest. He picked her up bridle style and carried her away from that place. He began to jump from rooftop to rooftop, trying to get to the police station as fast as he could because he knew he wasn't the only one who would want to know that she was safe. She was so loved. Marinette was still sobbing. Chat leaned his head down and kissed her forehead.
"It's going to be okay."
Chat whispered, she held on tighter to his neck. He could finally breathed again. She was alive and Chat could feel her heart beating in her chest. She was safe in his arms.

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