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So this book is just amazing the main caracters are really centered and defined (Which I love in books) and the story they face is just- ah it makes my heart jump, its beautiful!!

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I stood there staring at him his eyes had captured me...so mesmerizing. The tears still falling down my face dampening my eyelashes. The wetness of them brushing my cheek. I was angry, furious but his eyes still held mine. I walked over to him and slapped him, hard. My hand leaving a pink inflamed mark on his cheek. His face was filled with concern, love, and most of all confusion. I went in to slap him again when his hand stopped me, strong and powerful, "Why? What are you doing?" he asked his voice solid and unwavering, the total opposite of the emotions flowing through my body. "Cause you make me feel the things I made myself forget about so many years ago." I said the tears coming down faster. The pain in my body so strong I felt like I would crumble. Then his lips met mine....


Rate: 8.5/10 stars in Lucianna's scale :)

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