Meeting Jacksepticeye

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"You're sure you're okay with this?" Jack asks me again for the third time.
"Yes honestly let's get started" I reply for the third time. It's been decided that I should be introduced to Jack ' viewers. He is going to explain that I'm adopted, but not about what happened with madame......

"Hey guys!!" I say cheerfully into the camera after Jack has said his intro and introduced me.
"So this video is a little bit more serious" he starts as I shake my head with a serious face. I keep nodding until it gets more and more violent and I end up head banging. "I wasn't expecting to adopt but- hey Piper!!!!!"
"Hahaha sorrryyy" I say with big smile.
"It's okay" he carries on his story.

He's finally finished and he says the outro and turns off the camera. "Well that as successful!" I say s I stand up and stretch.
"Yep, wanna go get food?" He asks whole messing with the PC.

We get a take out and are watching futurama when he tells me he has a surprise for me. He hands me an iPhone 6 and a laptop.
"THAAAANK YOOUUU!!!!!" I yell. The first thing I do is go onto YouTube and find the video that Jack uploaded with me in it. I scroll down to the comments and find
'Wow lucckkyyyy great video btw!'
'She is so pretty, has she got a YouTube channel?'
'Ugh ugllyy brat. Thinks she's special just cuz she's adopted. He only feels sorry for you and your ugly name'
Yeesh who stuck a stick up their ass? I look at the replies and see people defending me. Maybe I should start a YouTube channel?

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