50 random phrases

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HHEEYYAAA!!! These are just some random phrases I found off the internet I thought they were really funny so I decided to post them on here!!!


X Lou X

Please note I have a dirty mind. Anything you say will be turned into something dirty!!!

Everyones entitled to be stupid but your ust abusing the privalege

Your just jealous coz the voices only talk to me!

CAUTION: I'm not like other girls (sicker than your average)

Don't knock on deaths door, ring the doorbell and run! He hates that!!!

When you call us bitches, we look at each other and crack up laughing coz we new that wwwwwwwwwwaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyy before you did!!!

I'n not the girl next door, I'm the bitch across the street

Homework kills trees, save trees, don't do homework.

Learn chinese in 5 mins (must say this out loud!)

That's not right - sum ting wong

Are you harbouring a fugitive? - hu yu hai ding?

See me asap - kum hia

Stupid man - Dum fuk

Small horse - Tai ni po ni

Did you go to the beach? - wai yu so tan?

I bumped the coffee table! - ai bang ma fa kin ni!

I think you need a face lift - chin tu fat

It's very dark in here - wai so dim

I thought you were on a diet? - wai yu kum ching

This is a tow away zone - no pah king

Our meeting was next week - wai yu kum nao

Staying out of sight - lei ying lo

He's cleaning his automobile - wa shing ka

Your body odor is offensive - yu stin ki pu

Great -fa kin su pah!

save water drink vodka!

Your just jealous coz I act retarded in public and people still love me!!!

You can call me an alcoholic but I call it a damn good time!!!

A friend would lend you her umbrella in the rain. A best friend would take yours and say: RUN BITCH RUN!!!

I pinky promise when were old and wrinkly were still gona be best friends chasing each other in are nursing homes with our motore scooters!!!

I used to be normal until I met theese losers called my best friends!!!

Sometimes I wonder: "why is that frisbee getting bigger?" then it hits me!

I didn't "slap you" I high-fived your face!

Heaven doesn't want me and hells afraid I'l take over

It's all fun and games til someone gets hurt... Then it's hilarious!!!

Blonde moments. Ye I have a lot of those!

just be yourself and if people don't like it... well FUCK THEM

Do not interupt me when I'm talking to myself!

Admit it. Life would suck without me!

Good friends are like stars. Ypu don't always see them but you know they're there!