12 - Bloodied Knuckles

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After the friendly little visit from Killer Frost and her lapdog of a boyfriend, I had gone back inside to a quiet house. Douglas had made some tea, offering Roy a cup hesitantly. I let the warmth from the hot water warm my hands. We sat in silence, an odd silence. I wasn't sure why but neither of us had anything to actually say. Sure, the night had taken a turn for the worse but our metahuman problem had disappeared, running back to Central City to be with Zoom.

Suddenly, there was a banging on the door, throwing me from my mind. Actually, it was more of a failed attempt to unlock the door. From where I sat quietly, I watched as Ruby shoved the door open after a moment, her house key in hand. Her blonde hair was left out, light waves hanging around her shoulder. Her eyes were wide open, her mouth forming a thin line. "What the bloody hell is going on?" Ruby shouted into the house, her tiny voice bouncing off the walls. She stormed into the room, her eyes narrowing at the three of us as we sat on the couch. "I got a frantic call from Douglas, demanding I come home at once because Killer Frost was at the door..." Her hands went to her hips, bitchy girl style. "And I come home to find this?"

Douglas gave her a weak grin. "You called here home."

Ruby gawked at him, her mouth popping open. My eyes dragged over to Douglas, seeing his face brighten at the sight of Ruby Harts standing in his living room. I had been stuck living with a pissed off Douglas for days now but in that moment I saw a glimpse of the old Douglas. "What?" Ruby hissed.

I was smiling now also, it was a strange brief moment where everything that had been haunting my mind vanished for a slight moment in time. I wasn't the type of girl to get all sappy over love, but watching Douglas and Ruby together made everything seem better. Even if they were about to argue. "I said," Douglas replied quietly, his brown eyes staring fondly up at her. "That you called here home. You still call this house your home. I'm still your home."

The moment was quiet as I felt almost awkward sitting on the couch watching the scene unfold. My eyes stayed on Ruby's face, watching as her face softened quickly. Without question, I took the cup of tea from Roy's hands and placed it on the table with my own. My hand slipped into his own, pulling him to his feet. "Hey, what the--"

He shut his mouth as my eyes sliced across at him. He willingly got to his feet quietly, letting me drag him from the room. I wanted to give Ruby and Douglas some space since they had a lot to discuss. I grabbed my jacket and keys and headed for the door. Roy followed, casting a glance over his shoulder at the couple still in the living room.

Outside the are air was still cold, almost so cold I thought it could snow at any moment. It was hard to believe it was the holiday season. With so much going on in our lives, the season for giving had crept up on us all. I watched the dark sky, picturing my mother watching me from above. Her birthday had fallen in the holiday season, it was her favourite time of the year. How could I have forgotten that? How could I have lived through her favourite time of the year and not think about her once, until now?

I waited for Roy to tug on his jacket wordlessly.I felt my heart quicken in my chest when I realised it was just the two of us, alone on the street. My mind flashed back to this morning, where he had left my office in a huff. Ruby's words were playing on my mind, accusing me of liking Roy Harper.

With everything that had been going on these past few weeks, I felt a strange anger boiling under my skin. It was unfamiliar, something that didn't stem from my rage. "Where are we going?" He asked.

I felt the urge to punch something again, maybe his pretty damn face. "The gym," I told him, tucking my hands into the pockets of my jacket. "I need to let off some steam."


On the short walk over, my mind was reeling. How had my life become so full of drama? Weeks ago I was just a normal girl, kicking some rouge metahuman butt and deciding what to do on my free days. Now I was stressing over a war that was coming, stupid metahumans that belonged to Zoom and a pretty boy that wouldn't leave me alone. No wonder why I needed to punch something.

Inside my father's gym it was an eerie quiet. I had marched right over to the punching bag without thinking, anger clouding my thoughts. Without gloves I started hitting the bag with everything I had. As I punched the bag, I saw flashes of Killer Frost and Zoom, the man who had murdered my mother years ago. "Violet, shouldn't you get some gloves?" Roy's voice sounded through the haze of my mind.

I didn't even glance at him, just continued to let my knuckles hit the hard bag. "Shut up." I snared through a clenched jaw. Old memories flashed through my head, feeding that rage deep within me. I saw my mother, her sweet face and kind words. I saw my parents in the kitchen, singing off key to a popular song coming from the stereo on the bench. I saw a man towering over her, a speedster wearing black. I saw her face, streaked with tears. Her eyes filled with such horror and fear.

Tears dotted my vision, a bubble of emotion came from my mouth. I hated him. He had destroyed my life, taken the very thing that kept my life upright. My mother had been that beacon of light, something that always guided me in the right direction. Without her, my vision was black, the colour that matched my soul.

Hands came around my waist harshly, pulling me backwards. I felt the hotness of tears on my cheeks, the sticky feeling of blood lining my knuckles. I tried sucking into deep breaths, tried to calm down but it wasn't working. Roy's hands moved from my waist, shifting me around to face him. "Hey," Roy was saying, his voice so quiet. His fingertips dabbed at the tears, his eyes searching for something. "You're alright."

I was shaking my head, "No, I'm not."

Roy tilted his head to the side, watching me without judgment. He couldn't possibly know what I was feeling in that moment but suddenly I wanted to tell him I didn't want to be so alone anymore. His hands moved from my face, holding my arms by my sides. I saw the red on his white shirt, blood that belonged to me.

"I'm broken," I whispered out, staring down at my hands.

Roy's stepped in closer, one of his hands moving to tilt my chin up. My eyes fluttered up, seeing his kind eyes and wondering what they looked like in a different light. "If you're broken," He said slowly. "It means you can be fixed."

His words stopped me. The air in my lungs drained up, my shaking hands freezing for a second. My head hurt, my throat felt dry but my heart was pounding against my chest. I watched him for a long moment, feeling something shift within me. Without thinking, I let my bloodied knuckle run down the length of his white shirt, leaving a smear of red. It looked out of place, something I was used to. "You can't fix me," I told him quietly.

Roy's eyes dropped down, watching as my palm fanned out against his chest. I felt his warm skin through the thin material, feeling his heart beat against my fingertips. I watched as he swallowed, his eyes drifting back to my face. I was aware of how close he stood now, how our bodies were only inches apart. "I never said I could." He said, his voice low and raspy.

I frowned, watching the way his lips moved. His hand brushed the hair from my face, lingering on my cheek. I wanted to close my eyes and memorise his light touch, but my eyes were wide open. "But I guess, I can try." He added softly.

A flutter of a smile played on my lips. For that quick moment, everything faded. All the pain and the anger I had carried around with me for years. The hurt from my mother's death, the revenge that stirred my blood. Everything slipped away, all because of a few words one annoying boy had said. In that moment, there was nothing more that I wanted than to take his shirt in my fists and bring his lip to mine.

"Violet?" Suddenly, I was yanked from my thoughts. My head jerked around and I spotted my father standing in the doorway of his gym. My hands slipped from Roy's chest and I hastily stepped away from him, feeling my heart thumping in my chest and reality setting back in.

I eyed Roy quietly as I gasped for some fresh air.

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