A Visit To The Past Part 61

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Joy POV...

Why am I not surprised that Aunty Vi is here? I shouldn't be. But what does surprise me is that she is here now when I only found out early this morning about the photo's, letters and other things related to Mum being married to Bobby Joifield.

"Hello Aunty Vi." I said to her as I stepped forward into her arms after she let loose of Mum to step to me.

"Fancy seeing you here. What brings you down this way?" I asked her in a dry tone of voice.

"Just a little phone call we received last night." She was saying as she also greeted Dad who went out to pick up her luggage with Graham after greeting him.

"Come in and have a coffee." Mum was saying to them both as they came in front shutting the door behind them.

"Oh, that sounds lovely. It's been a long flight coming down from The Territory." Aunty Vi was saying to Mum as Dad and Uncle Graham took their luggage into the spare bedroom they usually stay in when visiting.

"When did you leave The Station?" I asked her as she took her light dress coat off, laying it draped over the lounge as she walked past the lounge into the kitchen where she stood next to Mum and watched her make the cuppa's for us all.

"How you feeling?" I heard her ask Mum as Dad and Uncle Graham came back into the dining room from the bedroom.

"A bit sad remembering, but a bit happier that I can talk about it openly from now on." Mum said with a smile she sent to both me and Aunty Vi.

"It's been a bit of an emotional day for us today." Daddy went on to say as he accepted a cup of coffee from Mum before passing a coffee to Uncle Graham then Aunty Vi.

Once we all had our cuppa's we all moved intot he lounge room this time making ourselves comfortable spread out on various laounges in the room. Of course, Mum and dad took the small two seater together where Daddy lay his arm to rest on the back of the chair behind Mum.

"How much have they told you, girl?" Aunty Vi asked me, or more like demanded of me to tell her.

I smiled at how she politely asked that question in a demanding way of course.

"A fair bit. But then i did have to tell them that already knew and have known since I was sixteen after sneaking into their room having a sticky beak and some secret stuff they had hidden away." I said to her before lifting my cuppa for a sip.

"That's when I found out about Jarrod being Bobby's twin. I knew that i was different, it is very easy to see that. But I actually thought after overhearing you talking a few weeks earlier that Mum went and had an affair with some bloke and I was the result. I was really pissed off that you did that to daddy." I went on to explain how and when I found out about me and the twins.

"Is that why you weren't surprised when we were talking about the babies this morning and the boys were mentioned as being with Bobby, your father?" Mum went on to ask me.

"Of course, you should have known I was a sticky beak. I seemed to have picked up on some of my real fathers habits, haven't I?" I said to them with a smile.

"That's how I knew that Daddy wasn't my birth father. I must have done something that reminded you of him because you said "just like my father".. or something like it. Since Dad was there with you, he just nodded with you. It was a bit of a shock when I realised what you both meant at the time." I said to them in an irritated voice. But not too irritated.

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