A Little More of Bobby Part 60

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Joy POV...

We had to stop talking for a while, as it was lunch time and we needed to get back to see to our own families at home. But this was not finished. Not by a long shot.

Well, the others all had to, but I stayed with Mum and Dad for a little longer. But they all promised to come back later and hear some more of the story from Mum and Daddy's past. But I wanted to know more about Bobby Joifield, my father.

Sitting around the table eating a sandwhich which Daddy made for Mum and myself before sitting down again with us, I looked up at them to ask a few more questions.

"What was Bobby like?" I asked them after they finished eating. I was very curious to know the man who fathered me and took on the twins that belonged to another man as his own.

"He was a hard worker. He worked in construction like I did, but in a more managerial way. At least, that was what I thought at first. What none of us knew until after his parents died was that he was the heir apparent to the Joifield Company. The one your uncle Eddy worked for. If Bobby saw a problem that needed fixing, he didn't wait for someone to come along and fix it for him, he just went and fixed it himself. I can't count the times when I saw him do that. He was very determined in all he did when he put his mind to it and also very family orientated." Daddy went on to relate to us.

"When did you meet him or how long have you, I mean, had you known him for?" I asked wanting to know more about this man who had such an impact in all of our lives.

"I met him in primary school along with Jarrod. We were all in the same year and we sort of gravitated towards each other over time. When the time came for us to go from primary to high school, Bobby came with me and Jarrod went to another different one out near Busby. It was while we were in high school that George joined us as a foreign exchange student from America." Daddy was saying to me as Mum watched him with a smile.

"Your Mum mentioned earlier that she thought Bobby was the quietest of us all when in fact, he was the one that would get us all into trouble at times. (Dad grinned) He always said 'she'll be right mate,' when we came up against a problem. Even when we were little, it was his motto." Dad was saying with this small kind of smile as he remembered back to Bobby and the memories he had of him when they were younger.

Then Mum began to speak.

"When I first met him, I didn't know who he was on that dance floor. I was so nervous being there when I knew that we shouldn't have. I just remember this young blueish-greyish eyed boy was dancing with me for a few minutes before he left for a minute. Then I accidently was pushed and fell against this other young man who was behind me, knocking his drinks all over him. I was mortified that it happened." Mum was saying about the time her and dad had met in that club.

"The rest of what happened you heard Dad say earlier." Mum finished saying before lifting her cup of tea, having a sip before continuing her story.

"George came and told us at a later date that Bobby came back looking for me and was really pissed that I had been hurt and left while he had been called over to one of his bosses who was there at the club." Mum was saying with this really funny look on her face.

"What was so funny about that?" I asked her wondering what was so amusing.

" His boss that was mentioned was actually one of his managers. Not his actual boss.  It was your uncle Eddy who was also at the club that night, but we didn't know that. We left before he ended up coming over to see what was up with Ron and the accident he had on the floor with the drinks." Mum was saying with a laugh as she remember.

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