You look at the octopus teacher with a smirked. "Nice to meet you.. Sensei," you happily smile on how amusing he is.

"Nice to meet you.. (Last name)," as he smile to you. "Sensei.. There's a big spider at your back" you acted scared.

"Huh?! Where?!" He turned around and scratch his back. "Please remove it! Help!!"

"Here.. Sensei." You get the fake spider as you poke his hands. Then it suddenly blown.

"Ehh?!" Everyone has widen their eyes making you more interested in this scene.

You let out your gun and shoot his other tentacle and it blown. It was all sudden that your movements are slow but it hit it fast. "I'll kill you Koro-sensei, later!" You happily said and laugh as you find your sit.

Everyone was shocked at what you have done like you were the next version of Karma.

"That was fun!" You seated beside Karma with a creepy smile on your face as you lean your chin at your hands.

Everyone was shock at your sudden action and you noticed someone just write something on his pad and you look at this person and your smile grew wide.

"Oh.. Let me see that weaknesses pad later, androgynous snake," you smirk as you see his form in fighting.

The blue-haired boy heard you and he nodded with a sweat dropped.

Karma look at you and you notice that, you turn your head to him and wink. "You were also a failure?" You chuckled.

You secretly have this mysterious abilities that you can see what happened to the past of everyone's life.. Except this teacher who had weird pasts that you can only see his happiness.

Karma smile at you, "You also failed. " you creepily smile at him with a glare. "And I know that." You simply reply and look back to the teacher.

"Should we now start, Koro-sensei~" with a creepy smile on your face he nodded amusingly with his striped green happy face.

"You should introduce to your classmates properly.. (Last name)-San.." Then his face become normal again. "Tsch.." You rolled your eyes.


Then as he teaches some lessons Irina and Karasuma left the classroom and talked about you.

"Tsch.." You knew that this will happen. But.. That's just a hunch it wasn't that expected.

After waiting for your first P.E exercises with Karasuma-sensei, you smirked you couldn't wait for it. You got a plan, you look at Chiba Ryuunosuke who is best at shooting. "He can dodge it." You whispered.

"Next.." You smile at Karasuma-sensei. "I couldn't wait long anymore!" You happily said then he handed you a gun to hit the target. On your other side, Chiba was looking at the target. Nice position for him.

"Point the gun at the target and get ready the released." You nodded at Karasuma-sensei instruction. Slowly, you pointed your gun to the target and shoot. Then your fast movements move to the side then you shoot it again.

Chiba notice the bullet coming from him he dodge it then to his behind you can actually see Koro-sensei who was having a picnic a smirk formed your face expecting it will hit him but he dodge it.

"(Last name)! You could've shoot Chiba if he didn't dodge that!" Karasuma said and you nodded. "I can see that!" You happily wink at him. "It was expected!"


"It was a hunch!" You evilly glance at Chiba who almost died sweat dropping after that incident. "Damn that octopus. He dodge it either. Well that was expected." You flip your hair and look for another play.

"Damn.. I didn't even think about the possibilities for it to him to avoid," you clocked your tongue as you stay under the tree.

Everyone was scared to comfort you yet they wanted. Karma who felt the same exact thing he did from Koro-sensei, laughed at you. "You're an idiot."

As you heard that you smile, "Someone just talked back on me like he wasn't also the idiot? Huh?" You look up seeing Karma with a smirk. "Trust me, you'll fail."

"I know." He was shocked at first. "I knew that. But I won't let him lived until march." You cursed and stood up making a next move for Koro sensei.

"Koro-sensei, may I talk to you privately?"

"We can talk about it now (last name). " you nodded.

"Another evil move she'll die."

🔫Shoot- Part 1🔫

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