So this is one of the few books that I could say the sequel is slightly better than the original story, for me its just more realistic and a grown up (kind of) love. So I hope you loved it as much as I did

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SEQUEL TO THE BAD BOY STOLE MY TEDDY BEAR Bridget’s life is finally looking up. She finally graduated from Princeton, has a successful boyfriend,has the best friends that she could ever need, and she's going to be the Maid of Honor for her best friend and Alec's wedding. Things honestly just couldn't get any better. But of course things couldn't stay amazing forever. The past is about to come knocking on Bridget's door and it's wearing a leather jacket, combat boots, and just so happens to be the Best Man. Ben Collins is back and Bridget's life is about to get a whole lot harder. A romantic comedy about forgiveness and it's healing ways.


Rate: 8 /10 stars in Lucianna's scale

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