The Nightmare

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/////A/n I don't understand why some people read these. They are terrible. I'll update anyway/////


I get jolted awake from my peaceful sleep. "Jack?  Is everything okay?"
"Everything is just fine........ NOT YOU LITTLE BRAT. I PROMISED YOU A SLOW AND PAINFUL DEATH. I don't break promises. You can't move either so just relax and enjoy your painful end. Hahhaa where to start??" Her voice shrieks.
"Madame,  please I'm sorry. JACK?? JACK??? SEAN?? PLEASE? Please help me" My voice becomes breathless as she laughs in my face.
"Do you really think he is  going to save you?" She spits in my face and drags her knife up my arm. I can only watch the blood pour put, along with my life.

"Piper? Piper? Wake up it as just a bad dream." I get shaken awake by Jack. He must of heard me screaming. I am such an inconvenience.
"I'm sorry" I try to say, but my voice is taken away. He hugs me until I stop shaking and crying.
"I'm going to go record some videos okay? Here put some tv on if you want" he says whilst handing me the remote for the TV he put in my room.
"Record videos?" I ask, confused. What the heck does he mean.
"Yeah, I'm a youtuber. I play games and upload them to YouTube. "
"You get paid for this? "
"Yep, it's what I love doing"
"Okay go do it then don't let me stop you"
He smiles at me then leaves the room. I can hear him next door. Well, he swears quite a lot and is very dirty minded. I put on The Simpsons and watch that until Jack has finished.

I can't stop thinking about the nightmare

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