So this other story here is ukumm.... well.... err- the sequel of Nothing Left to Lose

*Pull out the gun* 

I KNOW I KNOW don't shoot, easy easy


*Pull down the gun*

Yeah we cool, right?

Okay so the reason I am putting the sequel is because ITS THE SEQUEL it reaveals a lot of unresolved questions in NLTL, and its (apart from being the sequel) a great story, Kirsty Moseley is one of my favorite writers because her books have everything, everything a good story needs action, love, hate, sex...

Wait who said that?

Nah just kidding.... Okay it does but still its amazing

*To go read the book click on the external link*


Nate Peters is a player. He has great friends, a great job, no responsibilities, no girlfriend and he LOVES it. He's never failed to get a girl in his life, that is until he meets Rosie. She's totally uninterested in him and he can't stand it, she dents his ego and he'll stop at nothing to win her. A Romance / Humour that will make you laugh, cry and scream in frustration! This is entered into the watty awards.


Rate: 9/10 stars in Lucianna's Scale

And here just a quickly reminder that there IS a third story:


Before The Ring & ETC Alternate Reality:

THIS STORY GROUP CONTAINS TWO SHORT STORIES!!!!! Both of them are with the chacters from Enjoying The Chase.

BEFORE THE RING: This is a short reader input bonus story/chapters from my story Enjoying the chase. You do not need to have read Enjoying the chase to enjoy this, it’s just a short humour sketch that I didn’t want to include into the story. HOWEVER, if you are reading – or plan to read – Enjoying the chase, then read that FIRST as this is a spoiler for the end of the story!!!!!!!!

ETC ALTERNATE REALITY - This is a short "What would happen if......" story. Someone asked me what would have happened if Nate had given up on Rosie. This, in my opinion, is what could have happened..... :)


Rate: No rate actually but you may like to take a look if you have read the previous two books, or just read it because you are curious :D

Have you read any of them?

And if you did, did you liked it? What do you think about the story? teeeeell me in the comments beloow please :)

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