Chain letters

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One day there was a 14 year old girl called sammi checking her email when she found a chain letter. the chain letter said ; My Name is Jemma im 6 years old and i was killed by my father he stabbed me with a kitchen knife if you dont foward this to all your contacts you will die in the next 5 days.

Sammi read this and thought it was a load of nonsence so she couldnt be bothered to ford the letter.

the next day Sammi started to hear things. she heard the floorboards upstairs creaking and the doors opening but everyone was down stairs and she was the only one that could hear it. Then she could hear her name being said :Sammi, coming for you!.    Sammi was scared but when she tried to tell her mum there was somthing stopping her.

The next day was the 2nd day and sammi thought that mabye it was just a dream, but then she started to see things. when she looked in the mirror to do her hair her eyes and mouth was stiched up but yet again she was the only one that could see it. and when she was at school she could see the ghost of the little girl starring at her.

The next day Sammi started to feel things aswell as seing things. All over her body there was writing carved from her very own skin saying : Im coming to get youu. She could feel the pain as the writing carved itself into her skin but her mum couldnt see it Sammi was noww really scared and regretted fowarding that chain letter.

On the fourth day Sammi Couldnt see anything but could only hear things she could here knocking and bannging sounds and the sounds of peoples voices screamming. Sammi started to cry she was really scared but couldnt call for her mum.

This was the fith day. Sammi still couldnt see but she could here the sounds of footsteps getting closer and closer to her. She couldnt cry for help she was on her on suddenly Sammi could see again but the last thing she saw was the ghost of the little girl standing infront of her with a kitchin knife.

The next morning the mum and dad found Sammi pinned to the bedroom wall with a kitchine knife through her and there was a message written all across the walls of her room in blood, it said :Chain letters.

So next time you get a chain letter i would advise you to send it or what happened to poor old sammi might just happen to you!

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