Cabin 5 {Chapter 6}

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-=-=- Chapter 6 -=-=-

I slowly blinked my eyes open, having fallen asleep in the car. I could hear "Life is a Highway" by Rascall Flatts playing. Jason was tapping his fingers to the beat, singing along under his breath. I sat up, stretching. The sun was setting, and it looked beautiful.

"Hello, Sleeping Beauty." Jason chuckled.

"Hey, Speed Racer... You know you're going, like, forty miles over the speed limit?" I glanced at the speedometer. He was easily going a hundred mph.

"Life is a highway," Jason said, shrugging.

"You're crazy."

I glanced behind me to see that everyone else was asleep. Esther was snuggled up with her head on Rob's shoulder, his arms wrapped around her waist protectively. Amanda slept with her head pressed against the window, looking peaceful. I could hear her muttering random things under her breath as she dreamed. The blue color in her hair was already fading away to black. Then there was Daysi, somehow sleeping while sitting totally upright.

"How long have we been driving?"

"Hmm." Jason glanced at the digital clock. It read 8:03. "Five hours? Maybe six?"

"WHAT?" I gasped.

"What?" Jason looked startled.

"You've gotta be tired! We should stop off and get some coffee!"

"Coffee?" Jason wrinkled his nose. 

 "Or we can make Rob drive?"

"Rob? Driving my car?" Jason looked at me and slowly shook his head. "No way in hell."

"Hey!" Rob said from the back seat. "I heard that!" Jason rolled his eyes.

I turned around and saw everyone waking up and stretching.

"Are we there yet?" Esther yawned. 

"Yep, that's why we're still moving." Amanda laughed.

"Just a few more miles." Jason said. "Can you get a reading on the, err- tornado, Rob?" Rob put his fingers to his temples and concentrated.

"Lots of distance between us, but they're gaining." He reported.

"They're gaining? How many tornadoes are we talking?" I asked, startled. Rob's eyes opened up wide.

"Uh, I meant to say 'it's gaining.' Heh. My mistake." Rob covered up. I narrowed my eyes at him, looking back and forth between him and Jason, who suddenly became totally absorbed in the road.

"Hey. Tell me what's going on." I demanded.


"Hey, look! A building!" Esther yelled, pointing ahead of us."

Jason pulled into the small parking lot, glancing at me. "We're here."


Worn-out. Raggedy. Abandoned. Foreclosed. Uninhabitable. Condemned. Plague-infested.

Those are the words that came to my mind when I saw the building we were parking in front of. I didn't want to go anywhere near it.

"Uh.. You're joking, right?" I asked quietly as the vampires eagerly POOF-ed out of the car. Sighing heavily, I unbuckled my seat belt and got out. 

"It's been so long! I'm so happy to be back!" I heard Amanda saying.

"What is this place?" I asked. 

"Only the best hotel you will ever stay at." Jason said, coming up behind me.

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