This story is rated R so please don't read unless you are over 17. I can't make you guys not read it but I'm just saying this as a precaution since I know my book says PG-13.

But for those of you that would like to read my book, enjoy!(;

"If it feels so right, how could something be so wrong"

How can such an over-used saying apply so much to my life...

"Come." He whispered.

I looked over at him lying in my white silk sheets like the god he was. With the sheet barely covering his sex I couldn't help but stare. His sun-kissed skin contrasted perfectly with the sheets. He propped himself up with one arm and watched me with his emerald green eyes. I made my way over to him with confidence that I never knew i possessed. When I finally made it over to him he pulled me down and positioned himself on top of me. With nothing but my panties separating his member from my core I shivered with anticipation.

He took one hand and gently caressed the side of my face, as he did so he whispered, "Are you sure?"

I gently bit my lip and nodded. That was all the invitation he needed before he pushed his mouth against mine with such hunger that it made my heart skip a beat. All I could seem to feel was him and the only thing that I could hear was our breathing and the sound of distant beeping...

Kadence Greene is the girl who never really got anything. She was in the background throughout her highschool career and even though she's now in her 20's it hasn't changed. But, that doesn't mean she likes it that way. When she meets Spencer Wright she writes him off as just another guy. What she doesn't know is that behind those glasses, lies a man who can turn her life upside-down.Spencer lives a dangerous lifestyle and his only wish is that she joins him.

Then there's her best friend's older brother, Derrick Hutchinson, who has been there for her her whole life. He treated her with love and kindness when no one else would. Derrick has a secret that he's been keeping from her since they were kids, and it's time that it comes out.

Kadence can either choose the dangerous and on the edge path or the safe and secure path. Which will it be?

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